back at Sibulao..

Probably one of my favorite place on earth, Sibulao. A very simple, far away place that I love to go back over and over again. Life is so much simple there, no electricity to charge your cellphone, a neighbor's house that's hills away, Sadako's well of sweet waters, a bunch of chickens, goats, pigs, cows and carabaos, and ofcourse the 48 years hike and sweating to death journey. We went there last Monday, with Vine, JM, and Ms. Sibulao, Rixa...hehe! Life in the bukid is so hard, yet beautiful and so much fun!

getting ready for the trek..hihi! (murag mga arabo..toinkz!)

hmmm...baya journey...hehe!

riding the "pahagad"...waaahh sooo cool!

sa atabay ni "Sadako"

making katay the poor chicken...using a "sanggut"..diba bonggang-bongga!

preparing for our candlelite dinner...sosyal!!! lolz!

more of our pictures in my other blog.. (^_^)



Click to Mix and Solve

Meet "kurdapyo" my beloved pamangkin. He's so cute, charming and ashti...hahaha!

Click the arrow on the side to solve the puzzle


let me explain..

Alright... I was blog absent for the past 5 days. I haven't done any blog visit and updating here. I didn't even had the time to open the lappy and check my emails. Where am I during that period of absence? Did our trip push through? Nahhhh!!! It didn't. I told you it was canceled. Maybe next month, but I choose to keep my mouth shut about our trip..haayyyy basig mabitin nasad! Anyway, I was absent because I attended the 3-day District Convention of JW's. From 8a.m to 4p.m, we were in the convention. I felt so exhausted plus my beloved migraine attacks pajud! The sun is so cruel and my migraine just loves it...hayyyy! wala ko'y choice.

Still, I am so happy being able to attend the convention. Held only once a year, every JW anticipates such time to bond, widen-out, recharge and be showered by spiritual blessings. It was a time to meet far away friends once again and of course pictorials with the gang...ehehehe! (^_^)

So now I'm back in the limelight...a.k.a "bloghosphere" lol! I have so many visits to pay and ec dropping to do, will make up to the time I was out of coverage area...hehe!

See ya around fwends!!!



But, truly, I have wept too much! The Dawns are heartbreaking. Every moon is atrocious and every sun bitter.

I guess it's true. For the past few days I've cried alot or I've seen people cried alot.

~I lost my cellphone two days after my brother gave it to me. :( Sorry manong.. :((

~Our trip was canceled. :((

~Disappointed my sister, SORRY! :((

~I've attended 2 internments in one week. The one is for a sister-in-faith, and the other is for the grandfather of a friend. :(

~Marky Cielo died and I cried. :((( Watching this video is really kakaiyak!!!

Emo? Drama Queen? waaahhhhhhh! Sometimes you have to bleed to know you're alive.

I'm hoping and praying for brighter and happier days ahead!



Our supposed to be trip last wednesday night didn't push through. Our schedules need to be ironed first, we can't afford not to be here in Zamboanga in the coming week. We must attend a convention this friday-sunday so our trip was moved to next next week.. hehe! Anyways, it's okey. It'll be a long holiday so we have plenty of time to laruy-laruy, lol! I'm so excited, hopefully everything will turn out as what we've planned.

Hayyyy... kalargahun najud ko!



Hmmmm... If I don't get to visit your blogs and drop ec tomorrow, then it means I'm out of town..hehe! Actually, my uncle called early this morning. He told papang if we want to attend the opening of his clinic somewhere over there..hehe! Men!!! It will be on friday which means we have to travel tonight or ugma sa kaadlawun. I still don't know, but to be honest I really want to have a vacation and breath a new air. Last monday was very hard for me, I lost my brother's cellphone. I feel so sorry and guilty, although he wasn't that mad but I know it hurts. Tanga-tanga man jud ko!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!! :C

Now I don't have a cellphone, I plan not to get a new one soon. Atleast bakasyon man lang... haaayyy! Anyways, if our plans push through, then I'll be blogging about it, lol!



OMG! What is happening to the lappy???!!! I see so many ants coming out from the inside....Men! Scary! I'm not guilty. I didn't drop food or crumbs or anything here. But it's just so weird! Every time I'm turning on the laptop, the ants are like parading and popping from every where. Ohhh.. are they building an ant colony inside already???

Laptop is in state of emergency, needing to be cleaned urgently... as in now na jud! Haayyy if only you can see the ants here... gipamaak na gane ko..huhu!



Optical illusions are always so clever, cool, and silly. I find them so interesting that often times I caught myself stumble upon websites about optical illusions. Let me share some with you...


look at the words and reading out the colour of the word and not what the word says. Not as easy as it sounds.
See if you can count how many legs this elephant has?

Interesting huh? Click here for more illusions.


the Pizza!

King Ferdinand I (1751-1825) is said to have disguised himself as a commoner and, in clandestine fashion, visited a poor neighborhood in Naples. Why the secrecy? One story has it that he wanted to sink his teeth into a food that the queen had been banned from the royal court-PIZZA.
If Ferdinand were alive today, he would have no trouble indulging his appetite. Currently, there are some 30,000 pizzerias in Italy, and each year they produce enough pizzas to serve 45 to each inhabitant!

Pizza may have originated in Naples about 1720. Back then, pizza was primarily for the poor, a "fast food" that was sold and consumed outdoors. Vendors would traverse the streets loudly calling out to advertise their tasty delicacies. The pizzas were kept warm in a scudo, a copper receptacle that was carried on the vendor's head.
King Ferdinand I eventually made his penchant for pizza known to the royal court. Before long, this street delicacy won such favor that even members of the wealthy elite and the royal class begun flocking to pizzerias. Ferdinand's grandson, King Ferdinand II, went so far as to have a wood-burning oven built in the gardens of Capodimonte Palace in 1832. Thus, he was able to keep his aristocratic guest happy.

The next time you indulge your penchant for pizza, recall its humble origins. And be glad that King Ferdinand I did not keep his love for pizza a secret.

Full article in Awake! magazine


It's Kinda Fun!

A tag from Kurdapya. Muchisimas Gracias!

Five names you go by:

1. jEL
2. jHeng
3. wEng
4. dAy
5. anni..(hehe)

Three things you are wearing right now:

1. Pedal
2. tee
3. flip-flops

Two things you want very badly at the moment

1. Hair!
2. Shawarma!!!

Two people who will probably grab this out:

1. Not sure
2. Don't know

Two things you did last night:

1. Went to KH
2. watch survivor pinas..hehe

Two things you ate today:

1. our breakfast
2. sWeet bEans..yum yum!

Two people you last talked to on the phone:

1. Vine
2. Lola Pip

Two things you are going to do tomorrow:

1. Blog
2. preach, probably..

Two longest car rides:

1. From Zamboanga City to General Santos
2. From Zamboanga City to Cotabato...scary..hehe!

Let me pass it along to all of you! Grab it pEEpZ!



I guess it's all true, you can't have the best of both worlds or if a door closes, a new window opens. I'm still in cloud 9 with my new blog template. I can't believe that after 1 year and 1 month of blogging, finally I was able to changed the look of this blog. Thanks again to ate Carlota for the huge help she gave me..wiNK!

But it's so weird! No! It's just fair. My blog has a new look but I lost my sad! huhuhu! My PR goes up, then goes down from time to time. For a blogger, lol! PR's are important. It is like the backbone of your blog. The higher the PR, the better for it will mean more opps, more adds and that's what we all like, right? I hope I can recover it ones again. Mr. Google, please be nice and give it back to me.

Anyways, it's monday again. May we all have a happy week ahead!



You know how desperate I am to change this blog's template. For 48 years I've been trying to figure out what's wrong with all those codes and html's. Nothing seems to work, yet I did not give up. I know someone who is willing to offer help, and she did!

The wonderful lady who helped me is no other than madame Carlota. She made my blog's template and she even installed it for me. It was amazing being able to chat with her! "In this troubled world, it's refreshing to find someone who still has the time to be kind. Someone who still has the faith to believed...that the more you give, the more you received. Someone who's ready by thought, word, or deed. To reach out a hand in the hour of need."

I owe her alot! Again and again, Salamat ate!!!

Get to feel her generosity and kindness, and her brilliance too. (^_^)
Visit her sites listed below...

~ My Web-Blog
~ Dashing Smiles
~ Dashing Beauty
~ My Daily Sunset
~ My Creations
~ Hobby and Such
~ Cooking-is-Fun
~ Advertise Here



Can't help but to get excited for tonight. The gang is throwing up a little surprise for a dear friend who's getting married next week. Whoooeeeee! You see, I'm a little busy now for I'm making a sash and other eklaboos we will ne needing for tonight. Why did they assigned this task to me? It may look like a goth, toinkz! This will be a bonding time for us. We haven't seen each other for quite some time, I mean we do but just the usual chats, not chit chats, lolz!

I can't wait to see her expression when she gets to see our gift as a group. Hey! not the big box of macho dancer inside nuh, lolz! I want to post it here actually, but it is a surprise. I don't wanna spoil the fun. Oh well, tomorrow probably when I get to upload the pictures na..hehe!

See ya later aligator!



I wish I could have this beautiful violin! I'm frustrated to have one, lol! Honestly, I dunno how to play even a single musical instrument, but I'm dying to learn..hehe! Unfortunately, there's no musical school here in the tip of Mindanao...imagine that! I mean, there are few that offers guitar lessons, voice and such, but since I'm ilusionada... violin lessons is what I want, lolz!

But how can I learn if I don't own one? Haaayyyzzz! I will have this soon. A promise to myself that next year I will have my violin! How I wish! grrrrrrrrrr!

Do you know where can I find cheap violins? Hihihi!


be healthy!

Now a days, staying fit and healthy does not mean depriving yourself with those yummy and mouthwatering foods in the table. To be honest, I think that I was being curse because I gain weight so easily, my waist line was 32 inches when I was 17 years old..imagine! But that was 5 years ago. In fact, right now I can treat my taste buds as much as I like. My favorite are protein shakes! Nutritious health drinks that helps you lose weight. A complete meal in an instant!

Whey Protein powder is highly recommended to those who want to be healthy and fit. It has no fat, no cholesterol, no artificial flavors, and yet taste amazingly delicious! You should try the chocolate-vanilla protein shakes, it's actually my favorite. With just one drink, you can have all the energy and nutrients needed by your body. Sounds great right? Yes indeed! All these energy drinks are now available online at A healthy lifestyle company that provides nutritional supplements and health education. Not just that, through Joe Dillon's energy first program, you are sure to get the perfect education for living a healthy lifestyle. Our health should not be taken for granted, our taste buds too! Go and grab a glass of whey protein powder and enjoy!

tag aWard

Brillante Weblog, Premio 2008

An award from Erika... Thank you so much! Actually this is my second time to be the recipient of this award. The first one though is with my other blog...hehe! I'm happy pareho na sila duna'y! Thanks again Erika!

Here are the Rules :

1. Put the award logo on your blog
2. Add the link of the person who gave this award
3. Nominate another seven
4. Leave message to the nominees

this award goes to all! I think we all deserve an award for the thing we love doing, that is...BLOGGING!

Grab it guyz!


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~This is a nonsense post~

HI! I'm just here for a filler...hehe! Nothing so much for today as it started so gloomy. Seems the rain would pour out so hard... perhaps. It's freezing cold here right now and my hands are getting stiff. I like to sleep again and be wrap around my blanket, how I wish!

Five days more and we'll be having a little something for a friend who's getting married..ohhh..this should be a secret. Ok enough! Anyways, I am doing a virtual ecklaboo for an eklover and its really giving me neck pains. But I'm so excited for the finish product so it's time for me to park the keyboards here. I told you I told...what have I told you???

To all who wants to exchange links with me... as much as I would like to add your links to mine also, but now I'm still in the process of customizing my bloglist. Just stay put and I'll add yours as soon as it's okey.

Akel lang, nuay mas otro..hehe! tHAnks for reading this!


creepy termites!

Recently, mom and I were cleaning the cabinets of old books and magazines. Oh men! A mountain of termites! I feel so sorry we have to burn those books, it's the only way to get rid of those termites that time. I told mom we should exterminate their colony, if not our house will be in danger! First, we should have a termite inspections. You see, termites are hard to kill and it's so difficult to deal with them. Better yet, we should look for professionals to bug them. There are really helpful sites that offers termite guides, we need it now. We definitely do!


Ate AF forwarded me an email msg. this morning. As usual, I'm excited to read it because she never fails to amaze me with lovely emails. But I was shock!!! As in super uber shock! It was different from the other emails she sends me, for this time it was about a disgusting news. The world is so wicked these days, but this news is beyond wicked, far more than wicked! It's inhumane and barbaric. Looking at the disgusting pictures is unbearable, made me lose my senses.
Whether this news is true or false, I don't know!

I really like to post it here, the article and the pictures, but it will be a cause for violent reactions believe me!


the "pink-sand island"

The Philippines is blessed to be one of the 8 places in the world with rare Pink Sands. And it can be found at the stretch of beach in the great Sta. Cruz Island in Zamboanga City.

For just a 20-minute motorized banka ride, locals and visitors will arrived Sta. Cruz island. It s indeed a destination here in Zamboanga City, but unfortunately, Sta. Cruz does not yet get the fame and admiration it truly deserve. I hope the local officers will have a concrete plan to develop this magnificent island. It will be worth the risk to visit the western part of Mindanao if you can land your feet in this breathtaking "pink-sand island"...wiNK!!!

I plan to go there with some friends before the year ends, ohhhhh! I'm so looking forward to it.

photos courtesy by ferdzdc on Flickr. (don't get mad at me for snagging your photos please...hehe... gracias!)



I'm happy, I'm finally seeing results in my recent exercise routine, lol! Actually, I started pilates 3 weeks ago with my cousin and we love it! I am more flexible now and I can touch my toe! So cool!
I really have to exercise because I eat alot and gain pounds easily, got to keep moving or else. Anyways, mother told me to use a treadmill, but what we had was old and damage. I guess we have to get a new one.

What makes a good treadmill? It depends on what you want to achieve. You may want to lose weight, get into better physic, or improve cardiovascular fitness. There are different kinds of treadmills, and finding the one that suits you perfectly maybe hard, but not impossible! There are treadmills guide available, it will surely be a help. So if like me, you also wanna be fit and healthy...go and get a treadmill!

a picture..

m. Inc.

I miss those good old days! The gurlz in the picture are my buddies! My partners in rhyme and partners in crime, lol! This was taken 50 years ago...JOKE! Actually it's almost 3 years ago during a convention. We were part of a full costume drama..haha! mga artistahin kunu..toinkz! Anywayz, I miss you guys so much. We don't get to see each other most of the time unlike before. But we'll make up soon!

Hmmm...asa daw ko diri? hehe!

the date in the photograph is wrong. I wasn't able to adjust it, lol!


credit cards

We love them, we hate them! A tiny piece of plastic that has made peoples lives fun, exciting, but sometimes miserable and heartbreaking. These tiny pieces of plastics better know as credit cards, no doubt made many lives easier and better, of course when used wisely. If one needs a credit card, what must he/she do? First, the most important thing is to compare credit cards. There are overwhelming kredit cards options but the task need not be a daunting experience. Actually, it's just easy as ABC! Yes, by the help of, you can instantly compare over 100 cards through the online card comparison tool.

An online site dedicated to help clients find only the best. You can compare cards by category like low interest credit cards, reward credit cards, student credit cards, etc. You can also compare by credit quality, by brand, and by issuer. Compare among CITI credit cards, Capital One, HSBC, Bank of America credit cards and more! Why not give it a try? Applying for a credit card online has never been this easy and hassle free. You can even received an instant approval in 60 seconds!

Check out the links for more details!


This is my 209th post. Applause Pictures, Images and Photos I can't believe it, i've reached these much. My 209th post will be nothing special. I don't even know what to type here! Blogging has opened a lot of doors to me, doors to different windows...huh? It made me know people through their writings. Their worlds seem so different to mine and yet it is so much alike. I want to write something sensible and worthy, but most of the time my brain won't allow it...lolz!

How do you feel when you have to talk about your life and what's happening around? Is it really something special to expose it?! Yes indeed! It's a happy thought that somewhere out there, someone appreciates your ideas, your opinions, your likes and dislikes no matter how shallow or deep it may be.

I don't know where this post is heading... all I know is that I'm starting to have nosebleeds now, lol! Nosebleed Pictures, Images and Photos I have to end it here. Still have my 210th post to make..hihi!

loving outdoors!

Nature tripping, trekking, and mountain climbing are among the things I am longing to experience. I love the outdoors so much! I remember one summer vacation with some friends, we went to a remote place here in our place. It was very tiring, but it was all worth it. Seeing the beauty of nature is magnificent! Actually, one of my life-long dreams is to be a part of mountaineers club, lol! How I wish!

Are you like me? Frustrated to become a mountaineer? Well, we don't have to be a professional to have the greatest journey of our life. Our adventure should start with getting the best gears, a great location, and ofcourse with a bunch of good fellows. Speaking of gears, I found a website that offers the best Mountain Climbing Gear in the planet! Mountain Gear is a company that gives you anything and everything you need. Whatever your activities like climbing, camping and hiking, snow sports, canyoneering, etc. they provide you all the gears and accessories that suits the activity. Outdoor Mens Clothing , Outdoor Womens Clothing, footwear, back-packs, plus more are available and ready for you.

I really like their products, makes me wanna pack my bags and be ready to go, lol!
Anyways, if you need these stuff and gears, visit their site now. The greatest adventure of your life begins here. Go ahead and have fun!

bLogger buDDy aWard

An award from ate jErla. Thank you ate, like it so much! I also want to thank you for inspiring me to blog, I owe you alot...hehe! It was ate jerla who taught sister and me about this amazing world of blogging. Being tagged by you always makes me smile! (WINK!) Again, thank you for this uber astig bLing-bLing!!!

I would love to share this bLing to my crazy cousin Veniz and my nicest cyber buddy jHelea!
gRab it buddies!


love this watch!

One of the things I truly love! I really like collecting watches, but just those fancy ones. I prefer wearing a watch than any other jewelry. My dream watch is a Patek Philippe. MEN! Who wants to sponsor? Lol! But seriously, I really want to acquire a luxury watch, even just a single one. is the most discounted watch dealer online. And it's in here that I found the watch I want to own in the near future. I'm so madly inlove with this Movado watch! (the one in the picture) It's for men so it is huge, lol! But I really like it alot. Men's watches are beautiful and unique, simple yet elegant. And the color black, I just couldn't ressist it! Ohh I need to work harder now and save more. Sigh!

You can find all the luxury watches like Patek Philippe, Bvlgari, Cartier, Tag Heuer, Hamilton, Gucci, Rado and all the other branded watches you like. All authentic and new with serial numbers. They give customers 100% satisfaction, great service, return policy and warranty, plus international shipping. is the perfect site for all those watch addicts and collectors, they give offers, discount and sales to different brands up to 80% off!
I bet you want luxury watches too! Visit the links now for more.



Time check: it's 10:20 in the evening here in the western most part of Mindanao, a.k.a Zamboanga city,lol! As I am writing this post, doing some updates and checking my mails, I am also chatting with sister and watching Survivor Philipplines. I'm kinda sleepy but still wide awake, huh? I wish it would rain tonight. I love the cold air and the sound of raindrops, makes my sleep sweet.

Goodnight peepz!!! "anniniput" signing out!


I'll cut it soon! Yes, super soon like 15 days from now. I'm so excited to cut my hair coz it's just not good anymore. It's frizzy and kinky and I'm sick of it! Lol! Actually I was in dilemma days ago if i'll cut it short or just give it a trim, but I really like short hair much much than long hair. It looks sassy and classy. But long hair is also pretty and chic.. so what now??? of both worlds?

I love elisha cuthbert's hairstyle! I just hope my hair would cooperate and look exactly like i wish, lolz!


great eyeglasses for less!

Zenni on Fox! Yes Zenni Optical was on Fox news. This amazing website that allows clients to buy great eyeglasses for less online! Fox made a report about a mother of two kids that both needs an eyeglasses, and she got the from Zenni Optical. Well, you too can order complete single vision eyeglasses from them. Whatever you need, from bifocal, children's frames, variable dimension frames from Zenni are available in just one click away!What are you waiting for? Visit the site now and see it for yourself!


4 things you cannot recover

"A young lady was waiting for her flight at a boarding room in the big airport. As she would need to wait many hours, she decided to buy a book to spend her time. She also bought a packet of cookies. She sat down in an armchair, in the VIP room of the airport, to rest and read in peace.

Beside the armchair where the packet of cookies lay, a man sat down in the next seat, opened his magazine and started reading. When she took out the first cookie, the man took one also. She felt irritated but said nothing. She just thought: What a nerve! If I was in the mood, I would punch him for daring.

For each cookie she took, the man took one too. This was infuriating her but she didn't want to cause a scene. When only one cookie remained, she thought: "Ah.. what this abusive man do now!"
Then, the man, taking the last cookie, divided it into half, giving her one half.

Ah that was too much! She was so angry now!
In a huff, she took her book, her things and stormed to the boarding place.

When she sat down in her place, inside the plane, she looked into her purse to take her eyeglasses, and to her surprise, her packet of cookies was there, untouched, unopened!

She felt so ashamed! She realized that she was wrong. She had forgotten that her cookies was kept in her purse.

The man had divided the cookies with her, without feeling angered or bitter.
...while she had been very angry, thinking that she was dividing her cookies with him. And now, there was no chance to explain herself...nor to apologize."

The moral of the story...

There are 4 things that you cannot recover...

- a stone... after the throw!
- a word... after it's said!
- the occasion... after the loss!
- the time... after it's gone!

an email passed unto me... I love to share it with you...

10 Things You Love Talking About

I'm a very reserve person, it would take alot to make me talk about things I love. Which is ironic in blogging...hmmmm... we have to be bubbly all the time, lol!

Here's the 10 things I love talking about...

1. Food and good food! makes me smile...hehehe!
2. my pets! my muy-muy miming... like a proud mama, lolz!
3. my sister and her life now in TN...wiNk!
4. the latest buzz in town!
5. wazzup wazzup in peoples lives, lol!
6. all the crazy things i've done..
7. life's simple joys...
8. good old days
9. great experiences
10. the whole new world of blogging, lolz!

Happy tUesDaY!!! Join us here



The child within me wants to play! Yes, I must admit there are times when all I wanted to do is to play online games. Be it game boy from Nintendo or from the much love playstation. But unfortunately I have none any of these, lol! I really want to have a playstation. It's so much fun and exciting, a good way to bond with family and friends. I think I will start to save money now so I can purchase one sooner than soon.

Happily, shopwiki is here to help me find the best products with the lowest prices in the market. Shopwiki, the best online shopping site allows clients to search for 30, 000 stores compared to only 1,000 stores that other shopping sites have. This means shoppers can possible search for anything and everything they need. Products from clothing, gears, bicycles, electronics, jewelries, etc. etc. and ofcourse the one I want to have... playstation and Nintendo! They also have all the different kinds of gaming accesories like wireless headset, bluetooth, aviation headset and so much more!

Oh well, when will I have mine? LOL! Anyways, if you plan to do shopping, this is the best way to do it. Everthing is just a click away, no hassle... no sweat! Visit the site now for more!


Days ago, I posted a math puzzle for everyone to be solve. But I guess no body wants to squeeze their brains and hassle themselves, lol! No problem... I truly, absolutely understand! Math sucks! hehehe! kabuhiun ko sa math! lolz!

But anyways, let me post the solution to that nosebleeding math problem.. in case you wanna know.. ( I just grab this from my cousin Veniz, hehe! )


give the values of each letter.
remember, each letter must be distinct!

x 4



x 4 =


21,978 x 4 = 87, 912

SEE!!! figure it out... :D



The ingredients are ready but not me, lol! Mamang is asking me to make tuna lumpia for tomorrow, as what I've said in my earlier post, we are going to the beach...(sa golf bah) Everyone says they love my lumpai, ofcourse..required..haha! I should be preparing it right now nah, but obviously I'm stuck here in my computer. I still got some pending opps to do so dapat lubus-lubusin na kay break man ugma, lol!

Oh well, got to finish this opp na so I can rest na and prepare the lumpia na...haaayyy, censya na nosebleed naku!

looking for direcTV!

I love to watch t.v! I prefer it than listening to music and surfing the net. I remember being a couch potato during my younger years. Hopping to different channels and shows really consumes most of my time. But now, I just limit myself to certain hours of watching and choosing the shows to watch.
But you see, my father is planning to purchase a direcTV. He says it would be fun having more than 200 channels. From movies, HD programs, news, international, sports, etc! We will have a limitless access to television.

Good father is asking me to do research about who gives the best direcTV deals and services. DirecTv is better compared to cable because it has more variety! More movies, music, news, plus different channels from around the world. It also has better quality yet you will save more money. Direct Sat TV is a good choice I think. Their direcTV offers are so fabulous and very budget friendly. Customers can choose which package suits for them and their family.

Oh well, we are so looking forward to have a direct TV... family will really enjoy it. It's always nice to watch a great movie anytime at home with the family.

irony? it's raining now! Actually its been raining for the past 5 straight days already. Every after lunch Mr. rain just pours hard, which makes it perfect for an afternoon nap...haayyy! I love it when it's raining. The cold wind and the dark clouds befriends my sanity, lol!

But anyways, I hope the weather will stay the same for tomorrow. Why??? Because we will be going to the beach!!! Haha! With family and frendlalus. I don't like the beach, but I love the food that will be present there, lol! I really like being in the beach only when it is raining, atleast Mr. sun won't be so cruel and show up. Ironic me? Oh well, weird me!

Hoping I could get some more opps here, a great way to end my week, lol!

Happy weekend ahead!!!


can you solve this..???

i got this from the math wizard group of my cousin veniz on friendster....

try this, its a really nice feeling if you can solve this....

x 4

what are the values of each letter.??

remember each letter must be distinct...!!!

leave your answers in the comments section below...thank you...g0g0...!!!!

shop online

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viRaL liNk

Thank you soooo much ate Jerla for this taggy tag! I need it, I really do!

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It's time for me to pass this along to all my blogger friends! Feel free to snag it guyz! Let us improve our traffic and spread the bug, lol!

Beautify your Home

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I really want to start an exercise program infairness. Being in front of the computer and just sitting for hours makes me feel terribly bad already. Having back aces, neck pains and stiff hands are part of my everyday life, lol! But it's okay, I'm fine though. I just have to exercise and do some stretching and bending..haha!

My friend bought a pilates dvd last weekend, and we did had our first exercise session last sunday, lol! I felt my muscles were being stretch big time! OUCH! Now I know why so many people recommends pilates for exercise. It's good for those who have scoliosis and it won't make you look macho, lol!

Have you tried Pilates? You better! exercise Pictures, Images and Photos



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i want kimchi!

Koreans love kimchi! It is always present during their meals. And since I wanna be korean, lolz! I can't help but get curious on what does it taste like. Anywayz, I was looking for a kimchi recipe and I did found one! Let me share it with you...hehe!

Spicy Korean Kimchi

1 pound chinese cabbage
2 tablespoons salt
4 cups cold water
2 cups very hot water

1 tablespoon finely chopped garlic
1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh ginger
1 tablespoon finely scallions
2 teaspoons finely chopped dried red pepper
2 teaspoons sugar
1 tablespoon salt

preparation: Separate the cabbage leaves, and sprinkle them with salt. Pour in cold water, and allow the mixture to stand in a cool place for 8 hours or overnight. Rinse the cabbage well and squeeze out excess liquid. Pour very hot water over the seasonings and mix well. Combine with cabbage leaves. Put the combination into a large glass bowl. You may have to cut the leaves in half to make them fit. Cover with plastic wrap, and leave in cool place for about 2 days. Drain the leaves, and cut them into bite-size pieces. Pack into a glass jar until ready to serve!

Hmmmm...yummy!!! Mamang, let's make kimchi na, lolz!

ugly acne?

For the past three weeks, I am not getting my supposed to be 8-hour sleep every night. I am so hook-up to this particular t.v show that I don't care even if my pimples are popping outta my face, lol! I've always been concerned with my skin. I don't want to experience the suffering of those with acne. My brother used to have terrible acne problem. He had used several derma products already and went to the dermathologist couple of times but nothing seems to work. Good thing now, he has found the answer to his acne problem.

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Okie I'll begin my week with a tag. No explanation required, lol! Thanks to my ever dearest sister, as always, hehe!

A. Attached or single? single
B. Best friend? mUy-mUy (my cat..hmmm)
C. Cake or pie? CAKE absolutely!
D. Day of choice? m0nday, lol!
E. Essential item? facial wipes
F. Favorite color? bLack and brown..(can't choose one eh..hehe)
G. Gummy bears or worms? w0rmy
H. Hometown? "Zamboanga"
I. Favorite indulgence? eating!
J. January or July? July
K. Kids? nosebleed, lol!
L. Life isn’t complete without? my loved ones, chempre pa!
M. Marriage date? huh??? who knows!
N. Number of magazine subscriptions: hmmm... i think 2!
O. Oranges or apples? oranges
P. Phobias? ugly frogs!!!
Q. Quotes? "bloom where you are planted!"
R. Reasons to smile? alot eh!
S. Season of choice? rainy
T. Tag 5 people. Veniz, jolits, honie, stolenshots, and YOU! feel free to snag it..hehe!
U. Unknown fact about me? stubborn!
V. Vegetable? all of them, infairness!
W. Worst habit? many eh...lololz!
X. X-ray or ultrasound? required??? ok, X-ray
Y. Your favorite foods? Seafoods!
Z. Zodiac sign? cancer



Hmmmm... yum yum! this is my late night snack for tonight...SATTI, a famous zamboanga delicacy. Satti is made up of pusu (dunno wats that in english,lol!), barbecue and tempura swimming in a bowl of red hot chili sauce, hehe! Infairness, satti can only be found here in my beloved city, and if you tried one in other places, well that's just an imitation...(peace!)

Yikes! i'm eating a complete meal as a snack! kumusta nalang ang tiyan, lolz!

g00dnight eVeryboDY! See ya!

satti is originaly from jolo. Jolojanos introduced satti to our place, we owe this yummy delicacy to them.

Thanks for the info Mr. Charlie Saceda, hehe!

let your voice be heard!

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Sounds interesting huh! Go ahead and click the links!


I'm buzy doing my meez, lolz! Actually i'm multi tasking. Chatting with sissy, blog hopping, posting, and doing my meez. HUH! Hitting 4 birds in one stone, how cool is that! Hmmm not really. My neck is sore and my hands are stiff..ouch!

I deserve an ice cream! I really think I should treat myself. Huhuhuhu!... But you see, at the end of the day, all I want to do is lay down flat! I don't even want to go anywhere but my bed. You know what, I haven't been to the mall for more than 1 month already! Yehey!!!

Anywayz, need to post my opp...kay mo expired na! lolz! Babu!

know who's calling!

Annoyed by prank calls? Debt collectors and telemarketers? You are not alone! I bet all of us had experienced these annoying calls, no wonder we want to avoid them! Hey, I found this site that Report Phone Numbers, it's amazing! You see, people from different places shares their experiences about junk calls. Here, users are allowed to comment regarding annoying phone calls and all about its details.

Why not try it, type in the phone number in the search box and find out all about its owner. Find out what others have to say about that certain number and be informed.
Visit the links now!

messing up...aGain!

I really should be going to the computer specialist ASAP! Lappy Toppy is messing up again. I think it has something to do with the anti virus stuff. It's taking me 48 years to wait for the sandhour to be gone! I'm afraid every time I make downloads and installation...errrr!

This must be fix as soon as I can. But it will take 2 days to reformat it, according to Sapro, (its where i'm getting it fix..hehe).. that means i'll be out in the lime light for 2 days..yehey! No blogging, hopping, neck pain, tired eyes, no opps...hmmmm s0 sad! But I will spend that 2 days to rest. I need it, i'm having sores already, hehe!

Anywayz, what do you think is the best anti virus??? hehe... any idea?



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10 of the Best Meals You’ve Had

Hmmm..this meme makes me hungry, lolz!

Anyways here's the list of the best meals I ever had...

1. Humba during occassions
2. BBQ with friends
3. seafood food trips
4. sinigang during dinner with family
5. adobo with fried GG..hmmmm!
6. letson with cokes,lolz!
7. chocolate mousse cake..i can finish it all by myself!
8. desserts! desserts! desserts!
9. pancit canton with bread while watching movie
10. every meal is the best! wiNK!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!
click here for your tuesday memes


Job Hunt!

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mi oBRa

Presenting my creations! Waahahaha! Just being silly. My cousin veniz ask me to make her a kimi that would make her a "beauty queen", just a frustration..lolz!

And mine's from my favorite movie character... "Elizabeth Swann" lololoz!

Haaaayyy... censya na mga ambisyosa lng! hehe!



I hate prank calls and anonymous messages from unregistered phone numbers! I delete it right away, it's just a waste of time entertaining them. But sometimes, they seemed to stalk you already, all you want is to trace them and know who the heck is calling and texting you.

My sissy told me about reverse mobile phone lookup services, it helps you find out about the owner of a cellphone number. By typing in the phone number, you will then get information about its owner. Its location, name, etc.

Isn't it great, when we finally can say... I got YOU!!!

wE nEED fRiends tAg

I was tagged by Shimumsy. Thank you so much mumsy!

We need Friends for many reasons,
all throughout the season.
We need Friends to comfort us when we are sad,
and to have fun with us when we are glad.
We need Friends to give us good advice,
We need someone we can count on,
and treat us nice.
We need Friends to remember us
one we have passed sharing memories
that will always last.

Spread the Poem of Friendship. 1. Everyday Life 2. Words of Love 3. Sheng’s Simple Thoughts . . . 4. good thoughts, good trades 5. Ours and Our Kids 6. Jengspeaks 7. Jacque 8. Snippets of My Mind 9.Melisse’s Domain 10.Seize The Day 11. Living A’ La Mode 12. Simple Delights 13. Motherhood in a Nutshell 14. Ness 15.World of Technology 16. MyDailyWebJournal 17. A Simple Life 18. Momma Wannabe 19. Everything Has A Reason 20. Republic of A 21. BeautifuL Language 22. YOUR NEXT!

This friendship tag goes to kurdapya, jerla, veniz, marky, jhelea, and to all of you in my bloglist.
Happy weekend!!!

I found them!

Through the help of people locator services, I was able to find my foster aunt who happened to lost contact with us for almost 10 years already. When their family we're still staying here in the Philippines we constantly have communication with them, but since they moved to Los Angeles, we haven't got in touch. We always wonder where they are now, good thing I find this site that allows you to find people in an instant. All I did was type her name in the search box and that's it, I was able to locate her!

How about you, are you missing someone you've lost communication with? This is the help you've long been waiting for. Try it for yourself, and be amazed as I did!



happy dance Pictures, Images and Photos

I still can't believe it! My eyes went rolling and popping, lolz! I thought that my happy days in blogging will wave goodbye after my PR drop down to ZERO once again. But to my surprise, it went up to PR3, yepeeeeyyyy!!! Mr. Google that is so nice and sweet and kind of you, THANK YOU!!!

This means more mooolaaah! Yahoo! I know that Mr. Google bots every now and then, so I have to buy out opportune time before he snag PR3 away from me, lolz!

I lost my Page Rank trice already, but happily I also gained it back. I feel sooo bless!


Missing our dogs!

It's been several months since our dogs died but still now i am missing them so bad. When i am home i remember all those fun memories i had with them. They are not just the typical dogs you know. Morgan and Douglas is truly my best friends thru thick and thin. I've missed the time when i took them to bath, feed them and of course hunting them fleas and ticks (hingutu ba)! I tell you it is seasonal they were onto flea infestations. So every now and then we have flea and tick control in the entire house, every corner needs to be bug bomb to minimized the infestations. However, we loved those dogs dearly no matter what they brought things to us. I miss them so bad!

bLogthings boredoM

Nothing much today, therefore let me ask help from my ever dependable friend "MR. BLOGTHINGS." Hmmm...just random quizes I took to make time fly away, lolz!

Your personality is very rare (INTJ)

Your personality type is logical, uncompromising, independent, and nonconformist.

Only about 3% of all people have your personality, including 2% of all women and 4% of all men.
You are Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging.

You are Scary

You even scare scary people sometimes!

If you were born 2893

Your name would be: Aki Ara
And you would be: The Future's Last Hope

More Blogthings here

Search Area Codes

Thanks to Area Code Finder i was able to search my friends area code because i was really confused that moment if it's the right area code number. Good thing this site help me searched, they are the provider of Complete List of all 281 area codes delegated in United States. You can also search by lookup phone numbers just dialed the number and instantly you will see the results! So take a visit and see for your self!

Take a break-do a survey!

Ateng passed this to me!

place an X by all the things you've done and remove the X from the ones you have not. Answer the 30 questions

( ) Gone on a blind date
( x ) Skipped school
( x ) Watched someone die (in the movie):-)!
( ) Been to Canada
( ) Been to Mexico
( ) Been to Florida
( x ) Been on a plane
( x ) Been lost
( x) Been on the opposite side of the country
( ) Gone to Washington, DC
( x ) Swam in the ocean
( x ) Cried yourself to sleep
(x ) Played cops and robbers
( ) Recently colored with crayons
( ) Sang Karaoke
( x ) Paid for a meal with coins only
( x ) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't
( x) Made prank phone calls (i did it to my aunt)
( x ) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
( ) Caught a snowflake on your tongue
( x ) Danced in the rain
( ) Written a letter to Santa Claus
( ) Been kissed under the mistletoe
( x ) Watched the sunrise with someone you care about
( x ) Blown bubbles
( ) Gone ice-skating
( ) Been skinny dipping outdoors
( x ) Gone to the movies

1. Any nickname? jel, weng, ewel
2. Mother's name? Josie
3. Favorite drink? ice tea
4. Any Tattoo's? No way!
5. Body piercings? In my ears, yes
6. How much do you love your job? hmmmm...
8. Favorite vacation? anywhere fun
9. Ever been to Africa ? NO
10. Ever eaten Cookies for dinner? NOP
11. Ever been on TV? No exfosure yet! lol
12.Ever steal any traffic sign? NO
13. Ever been in a car accident? NO
14. Drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? neither I don't drive yet! LOL!
15. Favorite salad dressing? sawsawan, ginamus, uyap
16. Favorite pie? Egg pie
17.Favorite number? 18
18.Favorite movie? transformer
19. Favorite holiday? NONE!
20. Favorite dessert?cakes and chocolates!!!!!!!
21. Favorite food? Filipino
22. Favorite day of the week? Saturday
23. Favorite brand of body wash? hmmmmm...
24. Favorite toothpaste? Colgate Total
25. Favorite smell? my self
26. What do you do to relax? eat and nap
27. How do you see yourself in 10 years? with my ate in america!
28. How many siblings do you have? 2, a sister and a brother
29. Furthest place you will send this message? I don't know
30. Who will respond to this the fastest? I don't know

passing this to all of you who visit my blog!


Let the Dogs out!

Dogs, definitely man's best friend! We love our dogs right? We know we have to take care of them. But sometimes we may go to other places which don't allow to take our pets along with us. Well, worry no more! Dog boarding facilities are available for your doggies right now. These just doesn't give your pets a temporary shelter while you're away but also this is like a vacation for them too! Dog boarding facilities includes frugal run of the mill kennels to pet spas!

Sounds amazing right! Your dogs will be treated like a royalty here, they will surely be well taken care of. After all, we want what's best for our best friends. Go ahead and visit the links for more details.

cHat with pAtani???

I am a survivor fan, certified. I always watch the show even if it means having to sleep late like 11 p.m, the air-time suckz, lol! I found out that there will be a live chat with survivor castoffs Gigit, Nina, Vevh, and PATANI...hahaha! I'm so looking forward to it this later at 2p.m Phil. time. Patani is really making her way to ShoEBIZ!!! lololz!

I feel like my eyes are popping out already and my neck is so ngalay-ngalay na... Anywayz, chat you later patani! Mura raba kag gwapa..hahahaha!

Want to chat with them too? Just click this link..enjoy!

website reviews

Hey all you internet users! Do you want to know which websites gets the most number of visitors? Do you want to know what other people think about your very own site in the web? At, internet users all over the world shares their opinions about a site, their least and most favorite and all about its real rank, page rank, alexa stats plus more more more!

This is a great way to conduct your very own website reviews. Click the links, explore and have a fun doing it! Try it now!

How to..

Much has been said about Chinese products. Their harms and dangers are being exposed. The whole world is scared of China-made "black hearted goods." Can you differentiate which one is made from Taiwan or China? Look and see the barcode. The first 3 digits of barcode 690.691.692 are made in China, 471 is made in Taiwan.

Consumer now a days do not prefer to use products made in China, that is why businessmen don't show from which country it is made. However, you may now refer to the barcode, remember if the first 3 digits are:

690-692 then it is made in China
00-09 US and Canada
30-37 France
40-44 Germany
49- Japan
50- UK

So check the barcode before buying anything. But still there are still chinese products that I personally use, to be honest. Whatever it is, we must always be careful in using products, not just the ones made from China but also those from other countries as well.

Air Mattress Guide

Looking for Air mattress? this is the easiest way to have if you are planning to go somewhere like camping trip, moving to college dorm or if you having a guests coming over and stuff like that. It's convenient and money wise to have bedding's wherever. This website is the the best guide for you to find the best air bed in the market place today. They will give you all the links of different stores where you can buy good quality beddings and mattresses. YOu should check all the information they have!


RP in 2020


Manila to Batangas is 2020

Tagaytay in 2020

Manila, Ortigas FlyOver in 2020

South Bound in 2020

Makati in 2020

Leyte in 2020

Can these be true? Perhaps! If we stop dreaming and get back to work. If only Filipinos would do what they are supposed to do.