irony? it's raining now! Actually its been raining for the past 5 straight days already. Every after lunch Mr. rain just pours hard, which makes it perfect for an afternoon nap...haayyy! I love it when it's raining. The cold wind and the dark clouds befriends my sanity, lol!

But anyways, I hope the weather will stay the same for tomorrow. Why??? Because we will be going to the beach!!! Haha! With family and frendlalus. I don't like the beach, but I love the food that will be present there, lol! I really like being in the beach only when it is raining, atleast Mr. sun won't be so cruel and show up. Ironic me? Oh well, weird me!

Hoping I could get some more opps here, a great way to end my week, lol!

Happy weekend ahead!!!