10 of the Best Meals You’ve Had

Hmmm..this meme makes me hungry, lolz!

Anyways here's the list of the best meals I ever had...

1. Humba during occassions
2. BBQ with friends
3. seafood food trips
4. sinigang during dinner with family
5. adobo with fried GG..hmmmm!
6. letson with cokes,lolz!
7. chocolate mousse cake..i can finish it all by myself!
8. desserts! desserts! desserts!
9. pancit canton with bread while watching movie
10. every meal is the best! wiNK!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!
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jHeLea said...

sus gi gutom ko aning post mo sis....know what?I love humba sooooo much...

Anonymous said...

Humba, sinigang, adobo with fried gg, letson, pancit canton?????
Never heard of them. But I love bbq, chocolate and desserts!!!

Laane said...

Please, share a piece of chocolate mousse cake with me.

You can find my 10 meals ::here::.

Have a great day.