Hmmmm... yum yum! this is my late night snack for tonight...SATTI, a famous zamboanga delicacy. Satti is made up of pusu (dunno wats that in english,lol!), barbecue and tempura swimming in a bowl of red hot chili sauce, hehe! Infairness, satti can only be found here in my beloved city, and if you tried one in other places, well that's just an imitation...(peace!)

Yikes! i'm eating a complete meal as a snack! kumusta nalang ang tiyan, lolz!

g00dnight eVeryboDY! See ya!

satti is originaly from jolo. Jolojanos introduced satti to our place, we owe this yummy delicacy to them.

Thanks for the info Mr. Charlie Saceda, hehe!


Charlie Saceda said...

diba satti comes from jolo?

gagay said...

hello..i've changed my URL..its get to update please..thank you!

Ivana said...

mmm...seemed so delicious.anyway, thx for visiting my
north sulawesi