cHat with pAtani???

I am a survivor fan, certified. I always watch the show even if it means having to sleep late like 11 p.m, the air-time suckz, lol! I found out that there will be a live chat with survivor castoffs Gigit, Nina, Vevh, and PATANI...hahaha! I'm so looking forward to it this later at 2p.m Phil. time. Patani is really making her way to ShoEBIZ!!! lololz!

I feel like my eyes are popping out already and my neck is so ngalay-ngalay na... Anywayz, chat you later patani! Mura raba kag gwapa..hahahaha!

Want to chat with them too? Just click this link..enjoy!


Ailecgee said...

Patani? I thought her name was changed to Okra by Joey de Leon. (Lol!)