A story

I want to share with you a real life story that happened more than 15 years ago. It's about a little boy who risked his own life to save his brother. Because of it, he's own life changed drastically. But before that, let me tell you my first encounter with him. I was only I think 7 years old when his family went to our house. My parents know their family for years but that was the first time we saw that boy. I was so afraid to see him that I stayed in the room entire day that they were there. It's because he had a 3rd degree burn from his cheeks down to his entire neck, arms and chest. It was like his skin were being stretched that he could not even close his mouth. It is so hard for him even to chew and eat. His mother told us about the sad story and why it happened.

It was early evening and the boy was left at home with his younger brother. Their parents did not yet arrived when the whole thing happened. The lamp they were using for light accidentally spilled over which causes fire and burned their home. Imagine the scene, the boy, about five years old, with he's younger brother went through it all. At such a very young age he demonstrated great love and courage. He protected his brother so much against the fiery furnace. If only you could see him! Until now, the past is still seen in he's face.
You will see him one day soon.. you will, I promise.


Richmond Lawyers

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I feel like bubbles and question marks are always on my head. Been thinking on what I should write. My mind is always filled with thoughts and ideas but seemed so empty and drained. I think I should stop talking about personal stuffs and write about things that are worth knowing and reading instead. Something of interest and value on other's lives and not just mine. When I visit other's blogs, as if I'm entering a new door and get amaze by other people. See, I just said I won't talked about me anymore but what am I doing right now? I feel like I'm having a diary, that's what they say about online diary. But all my life I never had a diary, jotting it down was never my thing. But anyways, I have no choice. Perhaps I just have to widen my horizon and my dilemma would be gone.


Hotels reservations online

That was 8 years ago, but still I can remember every detail of it. It was one of the happiest time of my life. My family went on a vacation in an exclusive resort, one of the finest indeed. Good thing all was free, if not we could not afford such a grand vacation,LOL! It was a company gift for papu and everything was free!!! Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. City tour, name it we had the best time of our life! There were also other delegates like us and it is such an event we've witness. The credit should go to the company and to all those behind the planning.

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hayyy sodoku!

I like to play puzzles and solve them, but never number puzzles coz it just makes me go crazy!!! Like sodoku number game hahaha! Whenever my friends are playing it, I often tell them why waste time on such a boring thing...( palusot ra diay) But the other day, "G" came over and got a little chit chat with her. We saw my cousin, a 9 year old girl playing sodoku. We were starring at her and amaze on how she solve the puzzle in 3 minutes! My friend doesn't like puzzles too so we were shock on how my cousin solved it right away. Then we asked her to teach us how is it done. MEN! that's it??! sooo easy lang pala! hahaha! We thought that sodoku requires brainstorming
and deep thinking. It does, but not that complicated pala huh! Thankful to ivy, finally know how how to play it hahaha!


people finders

Want to play detective and be like James Bond? Sounds exciting right! Yeah, watching all those detective movies inspires me to be one,LOL! Sometimes, we might looked up to the starry sky and wonder where are all those people we used to know, somewhere out there underneath the same big sky we might thing,LOL! It is such an amazing moment when we finally found the one we've haven't seen for years. Just being able to locate them, much more if we are able to contact the person.

If you want to find people or if there's someone you want to find, I know a site that can help you be reunited with your long lost loved ones. At people finders, they can retrieve all the records you're needing. People search the term use, searching through current addresses, phone numbers, and even e-mail adds. But that's not all, if you want more facts, for example you want to know about the background of someone... marriage records, criminal records, property check and the such, for a very reasonable deal they can give you all the information you want. All those question marks will be answered, you'll finally found them! Search for one now, and be surprised!

Loudsiren for theft protection

I'm currently watching a TV show which makes me quite affected,LOL! The story is about a happy family, a married couple who loves each other so much. To make the long story short, right now the couple are no longer together because of some kinda identity theft. The wife was taken away from her husband, had an amnesia and was changed into a completely different individual. Scary right! But stories like these can happen to anyone, anytime. A lot of individuals had fallen victims to identity theft. Movies and TV shows may have a happy ending eventually, but in real life a person needs to make choices that can help secure his future, his identity.

But how is it done? One way is by getting an identity theft protection program. And these is what loudsiren at offers you. They stop identity theft and protects your privacy. For instance, when someone applies for credit using your name and SSS number, you'll received a warning right away! No one can impersonate or steal your identity. Loudsiren reviews gives you an insight on how to secure important records and protects you against future problems. In 2006, there were approximately 15 million victims of identity theft (or about 1 every 2 seconds). Do not be one of them.


I just want to reminisce this moment with my gang mate "G" hehe! We were far away from home with friends, we're on a trip. We stayed in these humble home and were liked family. One cold night, G and I (ambot unsa'y nakaun) painted our faces all over. I guess we're just sooo bored but still do not want to sleep yet. When every one else were busy with their own thing, we are also busy with our mural paintings,LOL! It was passed midnight but still we're full charged! It's a good pass time,
we discovered face painting! Our faces were like swollen after that painting session, I don't know how many times we rinsed it...again and again haha! Needless to say, I know. But it was fun! You better try it. When your bored grab your friend and paint each other's faces, LOL!
I don't know if she'll be mad at me after posting this, hihihi...ok lang yan ghamz, I understand! hehe..


Student loans for students

Being a student is not easy, specially a college student. With all the responsibility and demands you have to face. I see all these wrinkles and eye bags on my Friends face whenever it's mid term already, much more if it's finals..haha! But that's not just the problem a student should face, the main worry is how to meet all the financial demands. It is a very difficult situation when a student runs out of funds. He may look for ways to earn some bucks, like getting a part time job but off course there will be sacrifices he or she has to make.

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hmmm, hUmba!!!

pata humba
It's one of my favorite ulam in the world!!! My family too. Every time there's an occasion or even just trip lang, humba always stars in the dining table,LOL! My lola Juliet, she makes the best humba in the world! It's her specialty, and it's soooooo yummy!!! Modesty aside, I'm blessed to have a clan of good cooks, from kalola-lolaan, until my generation...haha! So when ate shei and ate lot got married and went to the states, too bad for them they will miss humba soo much..huhu! Hehe... so manang, here's the recipe you've been asking for! We've already sent you some banana flower and dried mushroom, so sa gabi ug tumon nalang ka mag nosebleed ug pangita! hehehe!

2 kls. pork ( best if pork belly, or basta kanang naay tambok-tambok,hehe)
1 can black beans
banana flower (1/3 or 1/4)
pineapple slices and the juice
brown sugar
soy sauce and vinegar
garlic and onions
pepper corn (ang liso, dli powder..hehe)
sliced saba and tumon or gabi (ang size should be same as the pork slices)

in a casserole (kaldero, kanang baga-baga arun dili modukot) put the tumon slices first, (murag ihanig ba) then the pork. Then put 3-4 cups of water, and all the remaining ingredients. The soy sauce and vinegar depends upon your desired taste. Basta it should be a little sweet, and sour and salty. Bring it to boil. When it's boiling, turn the heat lower. (hinayan ang kalayo ate, pra dli modukot) Cook until very tender. Do not mix it, just make sure dli maughan ang tubig ug dli modukot (ayaw sagula jud ate hah, basta igo lang hinayun pag mix) this is the secret for the yummiest humba! Season with salt and other anik-anik,( depends upon you, sa imo panlasa paunsa molami, hehe!) and the sauce of the black beans, put some too. (sabaw sa black beans te..) then finally if it's cooked and very tender already, finish na!..hehe, put spring onions, but optional..(actually we don't put it na, it's unnescessary)
Finish, hmmmm....sarap! and the nice thing about humba, dugay sya mapanis...!
So ate, it's up to you na hah, make it the best! LOL!


stylish ceiling fans

The heat now a days are getting worst and worst everyday. When planning to go outside, you better not forget your sunblock, cap, jacket, and umbrella or else you'll be toast to death! I may sound exaggerated but it's true! Living in the tropics places, specially like Philippines... the sun is getting meaner and if you'll not protect yourself, you'll be haggard and fresh no more,LOL! Even when your just at home, if your not fortunate enough to have an air condision, then you'll need a bunch of electric fan and turn it on, full blast!!!
I'm one of those not fortunate enough to have an aircondition yet, hehe.. but I got my best buddies, my ever dependable friends..the fan! I can't imagine life without it. Good thing we got more than a couple of them, so it's possible to have a well ventilated area still. But I know a lot would agree with me, sometimes our fans or ceiling fans can be the oldest appliance we have at home, and most of the time we just take it for granted. So I just realized, that may father's got to invest on fans. It would be great if we can have a Casablanca Ceiling Fans or Craftmade Fans right? It'll be stylish and durable and efficient. So If your like me who needs a ceiling fan big time, time to visit Farreys. It's just a click away. All the different kinds of ceiling fan your needing, they have it! With the style you want and the quality you deserve! Start looking for one now!

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Worldwide Link Love

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's day, do you know the story behind the worldwide celebration? The story can be traced back to the spring celebration of ancient Greece in honoring Rhea, the "mother of the gods." In England, back in the year 1600's, people celebrated a day called"mothering Sunday" which honors the mother's of England. In the United States however, it was the year 1914 when- thanks to the urging of Anna Jarvis,President Woodrow Wilson declared the 2nd Sunday of May as the day for honoring moms. The day begins with the traditional mothers day breakfast, that the other members of the family prepared. Cold egg, watery coffee, and soggy oatmeal, only a mom would appreciate it,believe me. Then flowers and gifts will be given,with hugs and kisses. Mother's day gift ideas are getting more fun and exciting no doubt.

Today however, to make it more special, you may want to look for ways to surprise your mom. Take her shopping, treat her for a spa, or perhaps a date in an eat all you can restaurant,LOL! But the choices are still over flowing and many would want to help you find the best one. There are these mothers day treats and our friends- the online florist can give the little help for us. They have these super cute items and it can be fun like the Mothers Day baskets, it's a sure way to make your mom's heart glad. It can be filled with so many choices from chocolates, to fruits, spa items,cookies, cakes, and so much more! You can even personalized it, just all the items your mom like best. Not just your mom, but all the woman who are special in your life, sure you'll have fun giving these women the best basket for them. But still nothing compares to flowers. Flowers for Mothers is an all time favorite, every woman would definitely smile whenever they are given bunch of flowers. Whether its roses, carnations, and tulips. With arrangements so beautiful, it's a sure way to show your love. And woman never fails to feel special when they received flowers,right?..LOL! Honoring mothers should be done everyday, 24/7.. they are superwoman who never fails to make our life better and we can show them we truly value them not just by giving gifts or flowers, but through our respect, obedience and love. Visit to see for your self!

20 quEstion

I got tag again...hehehe! By ate shela and ms. glorie... thanks alot! wag poh kayong magsasawang sumoporta sakin!..LOL!

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1. At what age do/did you wish to marry? oh well, now na! or better yet, wag na! bwahahaha!
2. What color do you like most? anything basta black...hihi!
3. Have you ever shoplifted? Nop, as far as I can remember NO!
4. Where is the place that you want to go the most? I love adventure, so I like going to places that I haven't been yet, pra masalaag jud! hehe..
5. Which part of you that you hate the most? my giraffe-like neck, pro better na noh kesa sa mubog liog, hehehe..jowk lng!
6. When you encounter a sad moment, what would you do? eat, pray that things would be better, then sleep.. haha! ok na!
7. What are you afraid to lose the most? my dignity... naks! serious..
8. If you win $1 million, what would you do? you mean dollors??? hehehe... i'll be the president of my own company!
9. What do you loved the most last year (2007)? had my first wall climbing experience! nice one!..hehe!
10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you: syempre, she's the best sis. in da world! and for ms. glorie, hope to see you poh in person.. when I have the chance to visit cebu, she seems mabait, (wink!) thanks poh!
11. How do you cope with boredom? I don't get bored easily... I can spend a day, or even a week just at home doing nothing, hehe!.. true!
12. Till now, what is the moment that you regret the most? I don't rush into decisions, so when I's gonna be final.
13. Which type of person do you hate the most? Those who doesn't know where they stand and someone who's a good artista.. and would compromise just to please.
14. What is your ambition? To help my family, and people too.
15. If you had one wish, what would you wish for? I wish that life will not be that hard for all of us. And world peace! bow!
16. How did you celebrate new year? we don't celebrate new year.
17. It is already 2008, do you have a new year's resolution? nothing in mind
18. What do you look forward to in 2008? my next travel and adventure
19. If your life is a song, what title best fits it? ironic
20. Who do you love the most, God, hubby, or family? God should be the priority, and everthing else will follow.

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avril lavigne

4. What is your favorite movie?
Legally Blonde

5. What kind of pet do you have?

6. Where do you live?

7. Where do you work?

8. What do you look like?
(yeah, i look so haggard now...LOL!)

9. What do you drive?
(in my dreams,LOL!)

10. What did you do last night?

11. What is your favorite tv show?

12. Describe yourself

13. What are you doing today?

14. What is your name?
Jewel Of The Sea

15. What is your favorite candy?
assorted chocolates

Now I'm passing this tag to Veniz, hehe.. and to you who likes it!


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how aNts suRvive fLoods?

antsOh well I haven't thought of that until I bump into this old article of the Awake magazine. It captured my attention right away, and yeah right.. how do ants survive floods? What do they do when it rains? Though not all ant species live underground, some that do have a remarkable flood-survival techniques. They react to as little as a single drop of water places in the nest entrance by making alarm runs through the nest. They use odor trails to lead nest mates into closed entrance galleries and sometimes out of the nest altogether. In no more than 30 seconds, they are able to mobilize most of the colony. Other species of ants survive by moving up through the ground level, form large masses that include adults, the queen and her brood, and float on the rising water. They survive the raft eventually anchors itself on grasses, and the survivors return to the nest when the waters dry up.
How cool is that? They survived flood though they don't know how to swim! I guess I'll look for some ant colony and try to observe them when it rains, hahaha!


computer games

Last Saturday, March 29 at 8-9 p.m... people around the world made such effort to help save our planet. It's called "Earth Hour". All turned off their lights to show their support against global warming. But it's just for an hour. We all know that right now, our planet needs constant help every hour! Did you know that we can help mother earth when using our computers? Yes we can! Computer games can help! Surprise? I was too when I first found out about this site in the Internet. Computer games, mac games... they have it all! You can download it or buy anytime! What amaze me is the environmental game they offer. Global Warming for example, teaches you and your family to help change the world and save our planet. By playing mac games and other games you can now be a part of the solution the world needs now, just by playing on your computer! Amazing right? Get this one now, and start to help save our environment.

heLp her..

global warming
Did you turn off your lights last saturday, March 29 at 8-9 p.m? They said that it's an international campaign against global warming. People, and establishment were encourage to turn off their lights and whatever electricity their using for one hour to the betterment of our ozone layer. Well, the entire city participated, and every one were just using candles that night. I saw in the news about other places and countries turning their lights off too. Their efforts are appreciated really, to do some means to save our planet, but why just now? Why just for 1 hour in a year? Why not do it, 1 hour every night! Offcourse business is the answer, too much of a lost! It's a very sad reality that humans are the ones who's ruining the planet. And they will surely reap what they sow.
Like for example airplanes. The contrails left in the sky by jet liners affect the atmosphere's temperature. During the day, these contrails reflect in coming sunlight, resulting in a net cooling of the atmosphere. But during night flights, they trap heat beneath them. Researchers found that flying between 6p.m and 6a.m contributed between 60 and 80% of the climates warming, even if these flights represent just a quarter of the total air traffic. Isn't it ironic? But it's proven, and we see and feel the results now.


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An Angel key Chain

Thanks Ate lot for the taggy tag..! Thanks for always tagging me with tags...hahaha!

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