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Last Saturday, March 29 at 8-9 p.m... people around the world made such effort to help save our planet. It's called "Earth Hour". All turned off their lights to show their support against global warming. But it's just for an hour. We all know that right now, our planet needs constant help every hour! Did you know that we can help mother earth when using our computers? Yes we can! Computer games can help! Surprise? I was too when I first found out about this site in the Internet. Computer games, mac games... they have it all! You can download it or buy anytime! What amaze me is the environmental game they offer. Global Warming for example, teaches you and your family to help change the world and save our planet. By playing mac games and other games you can now be a part of the solution the world needs now, just by playing on your computer! Amazing right? Get this one now, and start to help save our environment.