tHe mummy

I am defenitely gonna be watching this movie. It will be shown in the local theaters tomorrow, but we decided to go and watch next week so that to avoid the crowd of movie goers. I love the part 1 and 2 and I just can't wait to see the 3rd installment.
But must admit, I am really disappointed because Rachel Weisz is not in it anymore. Her character Evelyn will be played by another actress. Grrrrrrr!!! Why???!!! The role is so perfect for her. She and Brendan look fabulous as a couple. It will be completely different without her in the movie, Rachel is "Evelyn" and Brendan is "Rick." Haaaayyyyy...anywayz, I know I will still enjoy the excited!!!


w0NderFul fLower

I was given a flower by kiscy..thanks alot! Really appreciate it..

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It's true I have never seen you
and we have never met,
Never shaken Hands or
even truly hugged and yet!
I know for sure you care for
me by the kindness that you give.
And our keyboards keep us
together doesn't matter where we live.
So I give you this gift to
put a smile on your face
and to let you know in my
heart you have a special place.

~End Copy Here~

I'm giving these flowers to Veniz, kurdapya and ate jerla..



I had a very tiring day for today!!! Woke up at 6:00 am. Leave the house at 8:00 to join deaf survey. Men!!! Watta hike! Well, it's not that far compared to the other locations we've went to before, but the sun was so cruel and the heat was more than what I can bare,LOL! The signers don't want to complain because this is part of the labor we are doing for Jah and for the deaf. We are enjoying every bit of this privelege being entrusted to us, no matter unsa ka lisod ug kakapoy,hehe! Our surevey finished at 11:00 am and went home right away. Haayyy kapoy jud infairness! Knockout jud ming tanan,LOL! But we enjoyed this day so much. And finally for our snack, we made some fruit salad, a perfect way to end the day!

Anywayz, just want to say goodnight to aLL! Haven't done blog hopping for this past few days, and not much updates too. Will make it up to you! See ya tomorrow! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz!


zamboanga update

I've been seeing so many deportees from Malaysia here in Zamboanga now. It's in the news all the time. Filipinos without legal papers in Malaysia are being deported back to the Philippines, and since Zamboanga is the nearest port of entry, it's seems that our city is flooded with people already,LOL! The deportees are actually from LuzViMinda, but they don't want to go back home because they still want to go back abroad. Their means of living and basically their life are all there. The sad part is that, there are so many children also being deported. Without their parents and families. The news said that their parents may have legal documents, but the kids are aliens in malaysia so they are thrown over here. The local government takes care of these children now in the mean time. Sure there will still be much more deportees. More batches to come. I feel sorry for them. I hope that there will be possitive updates regarding these problem.
Hayyy, bien manada ya tamen jente na pueblo!..

European Getaway

~ Budapest Hotel ~

Last month, I saw a local t.v show that featured Eastern Europe. The reporter was all over the place exploring and enjoying. How lucky he is, being able to travel all over the world and yet getting paid. The life of a journalist, I've dreamed to be one. But I guess it will remain just a dream,LOL! Who doesn't want to travel?? I love to travel, specially to places I haven't been yet. Been into several places locally, at least. I admit, sometimes I just want to pack my bags and ride the Rural..haha!

But for me, if given the chance to go to Europe, I want to go somewhere very historical. Like Germany where the Nazis,LOL! And maybe Glascow, the biggest city in Scotland, or Hungry even with all the city lights and finest food. These places is Where the the past meets the present, and the magnificent Gothic structure! Budapest Hotels are not that very expensive, right now there are 18 hotels that gives 80% off. No need for advance payment, you'll pay when you check-out!. You can avail all of this at With the longest list of hotels worldwide, like Barcelona Hotels, Spain, Portugal, countries in Asia, Africa and the Americas. So which one is your next pit stop?



I know alot of girls loves the color pink. Very feminine, sweet, pretty, girlalu! I appreciate lady's wearing pink and love to see men in pink. I found it so cool, and in fact true men looks good in pink! But to be honest, I hate pink! I can never imagine myself wearing something pink! Siguro kung mag pink ko meaning nag sakit ko, as in malala! LOL! It's a weird feeling and actually I don't even understand myself why I don't like pink. Ever since fetus pako, I don't remember a time my mother bought me something pink. She knows that it will never make me smile! But it doesn't mean I hate pink, it's just that I feel so awkward with a pink blouse!

But colors denotes something, and indeed there are meanings in every colors we see. Pink is softer, sweet side of red. You know, "sugar and spice and everything nice." The color pink is often related to a weaker entity. Someone wearing something with a touch of pink, sure is a headturner! Pink looks fabulous when combined to other colors specially black and gray and the shades of blue. So if your tickled to pink, bravo! I envy you,LOL! Haaayyy, nganu siguro kong dili ganahan ug pink???!!! *sigh*



Time check.. 10:30 pm here in Zamboanga. It's cold, dark and raining here right now, but I'm still wide awake facing my computer screen and waiting for some miracles,LOLOL! Wala, nag atang rako ug opps..hehe! Anywayz, my pAp is behind me watching Dalja's Spring. A very funny korean drama about a 34 year-old woman without a love life. Why am I even talking about this nonsense things, wala lang jud siguro ko'y mahimo mao nga nag buot-buot nalang ko...LOLOLOL!

I want to sleep now. My bed is tempting me so much! I love it when it's raining during evenings. The sound of raindrops and the cold wind is just so perfect for a good night sleep. Szzzzzz!!!!!
Pero buhi paman akong kalag! Naaahh!.. gilamok nako diri,LOL!
Gud night everyone!!! Anniniput here...signing out!


10 faVorite vacation m0ments

It's tuesday again so it's time for memes again. This week's topic is about 10 favorite vacation moments. I love vacations, and memories are special...I just hope I can remember them all,LOL!

1. When I was 6 years old and my entire family went to my grandparents province. Experienced the buhay sa bukid..hehe!.. mura mi ug isa ka barangay. 16 mi atu kabook,LOLOL!

2. Davao vacation with papang, mamang, and vine. I was 9 years old by then..hehe!

3. An all expense-paid-trip to Shangri La Mactan Island Resort in Cebu. With papang, mamang and ate sheila. That was the best time of my life!!! Super!!! 12 years old ko atu..hehe!

4. Again, a free trip to Davao's Waterfront Hotel. With parents again..LOL!

5. My first vacation without m0m and pAp. I was with sissy and we went to CDO, actually roadtrip tu sya...from Zamboanga to Dipolog to CDO na..I was 15 years old atu,LOL!

6. First time in Manila with the gang,LOL! I was with my fellow delegates to attend the Sign Language National Convention of JW's. That was an experience of a life time! Haaayyyy so nice to reminisce..haayy!

7. Sibulao summer vacation. Just 2 years ago. Haaayyy grabeeeee! Mountain climbing in an another dimension, LOLOLOL!

8. January of this year, CagayanDeOro Sign Langauge Convention again, hehe! Had my first wall climbing experience too, wheeeew!!!


Naaahhh! I can't complete my list!.. maybe next time,LOL!

for your tuesday memes click here to join!


sLeepy mE!

MyEm0.CoM I am super duper sleepy right now!!! I didn't slept well last night. Grrrrrr!!!!! My eyes are super tired! My eyebags are sagging...hayyy haggard,LOL! I do not want this to continue, I have to catch my sleep! If not, I might experience insomia again..huhuhu..I hate it! I do not like this pangitain..nahhhh akong migraine!!! Oh well, i'll ask papito to buy beer for me later, arun flat tire jud ko unyang gabii,LOLOLOL!
Anywayz, i'll try to take a nap now... peopLe...baBu na sa ko! hehe!


Complete prescription eyeglasses+case

My eyeglasses doesn't work well with my eyes already, and I really want to have a new one. Everyday in front of the computer screen gives me eyestrain and I think it's also a reason for my migraine attacks,LOL! Now I know the importance of an eyeglass. If you need an eyeglass, you can find incredible stylish new frames from Zenni. They have beautiful yet very affordable Zenni Optical $8 Rx eyeglasses. Variable dimension frames from Zenni are also available. Turn on your TV and you can see that Zenni Optical was on FOX news!Surely you will find one that suits you best.

tHe Fours

(A) Four places I go over and over: Kingdom Hall, Lola's House, Nyor Alberto, Lunzuran.....

(B) Four people who email me regularly: Sissy, ate analu, fRiendster, PSU

(C) Four of my favorite places to eat: Home, Nyor Alberto, McDo, hot griLL

(D) Four places you'd rather be: new system, mountain, CDO, and Tullahoma(wer si ateng)

(E) Four people I think will respond: Veniz, te ann, you,!

(F) Four T.V shows I could watch over and over: Couple or Trouble, Survivor, Fear Factor, Encantadia

tagging Vine, SS, kath and you!!.. wink!



Wow!!! MyEm0.CoMI woke up at 5 a.m this morning! Heard my cp singing, LOL! My ateng leaved me an offline msg. and since I got this YM feature that lets me get msgs. in my cellphone when I'm offline so, inshort..nakamata ko! Haayyyyy! This is not my usual morning routine, alas 6 nako momata,ahihi! Anywayz, I am indeed alive na so might as well post my good morning to you aLL!
Let's exercise na tuwing umaga..tuwing umaga..lalala!MyEm0.CoM

This will be along day for me. Vine and I will join deaf survey now so alay-lakad napod ni,hihihi!
Then the opps later,YAhooo! Buhi napod ko! Anywayz, time to take my shower..Have a great day ahead fRiends!!! And remember..No matter what, don't be haggard! mwaahh! MyEm0.CoM


Book your Hoteles!

~ Madrid Hoteles ~

~ Napoles Hoteles ~

Zamboanga..alot of things have been said about our city. Mostly on the negative side. Like it's the city of bombers and kidnappers,LOL! What people don't know is that Zamboanga is truly a nice place to visit because of its culture. It is called Asia's Latin City. Chavacano, our dialect is 75% Spanish and if you happened to be here and hear zamboangenios talking, it seems like your in the streets of Spain. Spanish culture is really seen and felt here in Zamboanga, which makes me wanna go and travel to the real Europa.

I wonder what it is like to be in Europe. Daydreaming is all I can do now,LOL! Who doesn't want to take a tour on famous European city's and discover its rich and amazing history and stay in awesome Madrid hoteles. As well like for example the city of Naples. Did you know that its historical monument date back to 3,000 years ago! It also has the the finest Roman Empire museums in the world! If your on your European getaway, do not forget to relax yourself in one of the many Napoles Hoteles in the city. Fantastic and elegant yet cheap and affordable hotels are available for your visit. If you are planing to go on a vacation of a lifetime, begin your reservation at, they will help you every step of your journey!


dAy oFF!

I had a weird day yesterday. I dunno why that idea came up into our empty minds,LOL! It was late afternoon already and our KH meeting was over. Vine, Memet and I decided to take a walk in the park that is just nearby our place. On our way there, we saw alot of people bonding with each other, relaxing and just enjoying sunday. We saw quite a number of couples nga nag date,LOLOL! We still don't know where we are really heading for and what we are supposed to do, so we decided to ride the jeep, still not knowing where to go. We thought well let's just have a joyride, buy some Mani downtown and uwi-an na! When we were walking along the city streets, we realized that we are so very hungry and starving..hehehe! So we went to the food court and bought a meal that only cost 28 pesos each,LOL! Kumpleto na..rice, fried chicken and mango shake,b0nggA! After that dinner kuno, we went straight to where the jeepney strikers are and rode our way home. Huh! nosebleed!!!
Cool Mga weird lang jud mi ghapon kay nanglaag bisag way mga diyut,hehehehe!


my Beauty sEcret tag

After 48 years..... I finally did this tag,LOL! Got it from my ateng. Thanks ate!!! Well actually I don't have a beauty secret...bwahahahaah! mura rabag gwapa! I'm scared of putting those chemicals..hehe! anywayz, I still got these here it goes...

My Foundation: nothing..feels like it's melting, ewww..LOL!
My Mascara: not using
My Blush: none. I'll blush naturally,hihihi!
My Day Cream: Naturals Day Cream w/ spf 15... required?!
My Lipstick: don't have any..hehe!
My Essential Beauty Product: Lip gloss, press powder and eyebrow pencil...wink!
My Favorite Make-up Product: Ngeeee! nosebleed,LOL!
My Perfume: now? it's New York by Avon
My Nails: fingernails...super duper short!!! toenails...bloody red,LOL!
My Feet: smooth infairness. I put petrolium gelly often,hehe!
My Hands: soft and smooth! lotion and moisturizers all the time..I love my hands!
Women I Admire for their Beauty: Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Shania Twain
Women with the Best Sense of Style: Ohhh, nosebleed!
My Ultimate Dream: to be a professional photographer
My Fashion Publication: Metro

I'm passing this to veniz and to you who wants it... Enjoy!


gUt0m q!

It's now 3:00 p.m here and I'm starving,LOL! There are really days when I feel like I'm always craving for food. Right now, all I want is to have my big bowl of SATTI. Do you know what is it? Satti is one of the famous delicacies here in Zamboanga. My relatives from other places never fail to have a taste of it whenever they come here to visit. Satti is kinda weird actually. Imagine a bowl filled with red hot sauce,(and sauce mura na syag sabaw sa kadaghan,hehe) rice and barbecue. Hmmmmm, now I'm starving more!!!
Grrrrrrr! I'm starting to become a monster...I want my satti!!!