European Getaway

~ Budapest Hotel ~

Last month, I saw a local t.v show that featured Eastern Europe. The reporter was all over the place exploring and enjoying. How lucky he is, being able to travel all over the world and yet getting paid. The life of a journalist, I've dreamed to be one. But I guess it will remain just a dream,LOL! Who doesn't want to travel?? I love to travel, specially to places I haven't been yet. Been into several places locally, at least. I admit, sometimes I just want to pack my bags and ride the Rural..haha!

But for me, if given the chance to go to Europe, I want to go somewhere very historical. Like Germany where the Nazis,LOL! And maybe Glascow, the biggest city in Scotland, or Hungry even with all the city lights and finest food. These places is Where the the past meets the present, and the magnificent Gothic structure! Budapest Hotels are not that very expensive, right now there are 18 hotels that gives 80% off. No need for advance payment, you'll pay when you check-out!. You can avail all of this at With the longest list of hotels worldwide, like Barcelona Hotels, Spain, Portugal, countries in Asia, Africa and the Americas. So which one is your next pit stop?