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Zamboanga..alot of things have been said about our city. Mostly on the negative side. Like it's the city of bombers and kidnappers,LOL! What people don't know is that Zamboanga is truly a nice place to visit because of its culture. It is called Asia's Latin City. Chavacano, our dialect is 75% Spanish and if you happened to be here and hear zamboangenios talking, it seems like your in the streets of Spain. Spanish culture is really seen and felt here in Zamboanga, which makes me wanna go and travel to the real Europa.

I wonder what it is like to be in Europe. Daydreaming is all I can do now,LOL! Who doesn't want to take a tour on famous European city's and discover its rich and amazing history and stay in awesome Madrid hoteles. As well like for example the city of Naples. Did you know that its historical monument date back to 3,000 years ago! It also has the the finest Roman Empire museums in the world! If your on your European getaway, do not forget to relax yourself in one of the many Napoles Hoteles in the city. Fantastic and elegant yet cheap and affordable hotels are available for your visit. If you are planing to go on a vacation of a lifetime, begin your reservation at, they will help you every step of your journey!