my Beauty sEcret tag

After 48 years..... I finally did this tag,LOL! Got it from my ateng. Thanks ate!!! Well actually I don't have a beauty secret...bwahahahaah! mura rabag gwapa! I'm scared of putting those chemicals..hehe! anywayz, I still got these here it goes...

My Foundation: nothing..feels like it's melting, ewww..LOL!
My Mascara: not using
My Blush: none. I'll blush naturally,hihihi!
My Day Cream: Naturals Day Cream w/ spf 15... required?!
My Lipstick: don't have any..hehe!
My Essential Beauty Product: Lip gloss, press powder and eyebrow pencil...wink!
My Favorite Make-up Product: Ngeeee! nosebleed,LOL!
My Perfume: now? it's New York by Avon
My Nails: fingernails...super duper short!!! toenails...bloody red,LOL!
My Feet: smooth infairness. I put petrolium gelly often,hehe!
My Hands: soft and smooth! lotion and moisturizers all the time..I love my hands!
Women I Admire for their Beauty: Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Shania Twain
Women with the Best Sense of Style: Ohhh, nosebleed!
My Ultimate Dream: to be a professional photographer
My Fashion Publication: Metro

I'm passing this to veniz and to you who wants it... Enjoy!