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This week's photohunt theme is "VIEW."

Happy saturday everyone! Enjoy your weekend!


survivor Pinas

I am a fan of the reality tv show survivor, from the first season to the latest. I have my favorite castaways, Ethan(survivor africa) is on top of my list. I also like Kelly, Tom, Jenna, Sandra and ofcourse Rupert! There are also those castaways whom I don't like. Rob is on top of my list,lol!
They are stangers before, whom we already know because of the show. I like the show very much for it is like an eye opener to what life is all about.

Anywayz, now it makes me happy to see that the Philippines has its own survivor series already. It's still too early to say if the show would atleast meet the standards of the real one. I just hope so. I'm sad though I can't get to watch it every night! It airs too late for my eyelids to bare. They should have stuck to the original air time which is once a week. Haaaayyyyy!!!!

Too early to say who will outwit, outplay, outlast among! But manang zita is a character, and patani too...she's lokaret, hehe!


pEnciL fActs

An interesting article, think I should post it here.

Have you ever wondered how does the lead get into the pencil?

A solution of finely ground graphite, clay, and water is forced through a narrow metal tube and comes out looking like a long string of spaghetti. After being dried, cut, and fired in a kiln, the lead is immersed in hot oil and wax. The wood, usually cedar, which is easily sharpened, is sawed into slats-planned and grooved pieces of wood-half a pencil thick. The leads are inserted into the grooves on one slat, and a second slat is glued and pressed on top of the first. When the glue dries, the individual pencil are cut apart. After shaping, sandpapering, painting, and stamping with the manufacturer's trademark and other details, the now seemless pencil is ready for use. Sometimes an eraser is attached to one end.

Which pencil should I use?

To select the pencil you need, note the letters or numbers printed on the side of the pencil. These indicates the degree of hardness or softness. Softer lead leave a darker mark.

HB is a versatile, medium-grade lead.
B denotes softer leads. A number such as 2B or 6B denotes the degree of softness-the higher the number, the softer the lead.
H denotes harder leads. The higher the number-2H, 4H, 6H, and so on-the harder the lead.
F stands for fine point.


mS. siLka

I hope mr. rain won't show up again later this afternoon. Why? Because we are going to be at the city's colliseum to watch ms. silka coronation night,lol! Vine's classmate is one of the candidates so we were given 8 free tickets, how cool is that! Not that cool! I'm not a beauty pageant fan, but I must admit I'm having a wonderful time watching contestants trips off and messing up with the questions..hehe

I wonder what it would be like later? hmmmm... unta dili ko mag mongo-mongo! They say that some celebrities will be around too, I bet it will be Iya, after all she's silka's endorser. Again I'm not a fan, pero pwede narin.

Oh got to go! Lots of catching up to do..see ya!


10 siMpLe tHings tHat mAke y0u hAppY

--- A good relationship with God and my loved ones.

--- To lend a hand and make someone smile.

--- Anything from my ateng..hehe! wink!

--- A good night sleep and satisfying meal.

--- Shawarma makes me extremely happy,lol!

--- Taking pictures and capturing lifelong moments.

--- My dogs and my cat makes me truly happy.

--- Trips and travels with my the gang.

--- Seeing my crusheseses...hahaha! (Phil Younghusband ba,lol)

And so the list goes on... These are just few of the simple things that makes me happy, it makes my heart go!
What about yours???

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! Click here for your tuesday memes..


I am tiRed!!!

Or I'm exhausted!!! Both! My day start early today, woke up at 6 to get ready for deaf survey. During surveys, it's normal for us to hike and hike and hike, it's fine though, shed some lbs..hehe! But it was different today. I know it's because of the scorching heat of Mr. Sun. It feels like we were being grilled and roasted. After survey, I went straight home with vine. My headace just tortures me. But still glad it's not a migraine attack, just a headace that needs a headbang! I want to take a nap but I couldn't. So I watched dvd. I feel so drowsy!!! Until now I feel like my brains are twisted and my head is numb.

I'm sooo tired I want to sleep na!!! But not yet, will still have to wait for "Celebrity Duets." So excited to watch PHIL MYHUSBAND..ohhh PHIL YOUNGHUSBAND diay to sing once!
I'm a fan, I'm a fan!!! Hahahahahaha....
My headace will be gone after I see him..hihi!
I hope papang will not forget the shawarma he promise to buy for me...hayyyy...watching Phil while having my shawarma...hmmmm solve na!!! Headace babu!

Happy weekend to you aLL!!! See ya around!


aWesoMe, I am

Thank you so much ate jerla for this "Awesome, I am" award... Basta gikan sa imu ate lot, malipay jud ko...ahihihi! To get this bLing-bLing means alot, super!

The first one is the "awesome site award", naks..! hehe!

Awarding Rules:
l. Make post for this and the award's image.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate as many blogs as you want.
4. Add links to those blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

The 2nd is the "I HEART YOUR BLOG AWARD"

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passing this to veniz, kaycee and shela...


a pErfEct bLend oF fRiEndsHip

Thank you ate Geng for this friendship award!!! It's nice to know that I have found friends in this world of blogging. It feels great! Gracias!!!

Now I would like to pass this along to all my blogger friends in my list... You're the best!!!


project bAG

OH my! I love this denim bag! I was surfing for some pictures in the internet and happened to bump on this site that features different kinds of bags. This one is made from a denim pants and the designer just cut it and sew it..lolol! I want to have mine too, I will search in my closet for unused pants and will made it myself. Hmmmmm I will, I will! Watch out for my finish product guyz..hehe!


wouLd y0u eAt in hEre?

These pictures were e-mailed to me by a friend this morning. Hmmmm.. will I consider myself eating in here??? Will you??? If you are an adventurous person, then you would always like to try something more than the usual. You might give this a "GO!" I might give this a GO!

who wants to dine with me? LOLOLOL!