mS. siLka

I hope mr. rain won't show up again later this afternoon. Why? Because we are going to be at the city's colliseum to watch ms. silka coronation night,lol! Vine's classmate is one of the candidates so we were given 8 free tickets, how cool is that! Not that cool! I'm not a beauty pageant fan, but I must admit I'm having a wonderful time watching contestants trips off and messing up with the questions..hehe

I wonder what it would be like later? hmmmm... unta dili ko mag mongo-mongo! They say that some celebrities will be around too, I bet it will be Iya, after all she's silka's endorser. Again I'm not a fan, pero pwede narin.

Oh got to go! Lots of catching up to do..see ya!


idealpinkrose said...

i don't like Mr. Rain either...hehehe...

btw, thanks for visiting my korean food.

enjoy the rest of your weekend!