10 siMpLe tHings tHat mAke y0u hAppY

--- A good relationship with God and my loved ones.

--- To lend a hand and make someone smile.

--- Anything from my ateng..hehe! wink!

--- A good night sleep and satisfying meal.

--- Shawarma makes me extremely happy,lol!

--- Taking pictures and capturing lifelong moments.

--- My dogs and my cat makes me truly happy.

--- Trips and travels with my the gang.

--- Seeing my crusheseses...hahaha! (Phil Younghusband ba,lol)

And so the list goes on... These are just few of the simple things that makes me happy, it makes my heart go!
What about yours???

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! Click here for your tuesday memes..


shzainzy said...

Hey Guys!

Please do add my other blogs youre already there.

ThaNKs a lot!
you can check it out if you want.