survivor Pinas

I am a fan of the reality tv show survivor, from the first season to the latest. I have my favorite castaways, Ethan(survivor africa) is on top of my list. I also like Kelly, Tom, Jenna, Sandra and ofcourse Rupert! There are also those castaways whom I don't like. Rob is on top of my list,lol!
They are stangers before, whom we already know because of the show. I like the show very much for it is like an eye opener to what life is all about.

Anywayz, now it makes me happy to see that the Philippines has its own survivor series already. It's still too early to say if the show would atleast meet the standards of the real one. I just hope so. I'm sad though I can't get to watch it every night! It airs too late for my eyelids to bare. They should have stuck to the original air time which is once a week. Haaaayyyyy!!!!

Too early to say who will outwit, outplay, outlast among! But manang zita is a character, and patani too...she's lokaret, hehe!