It's nice to break free from things that choke you up and consume your time. It's great to know you can actually live without them and be at peace. To realized they are just some piece of crap that makes you unproductive. Am talking about my online games, finally, had the nerve to control them! For months, been living in a fantasy world where I'm tending my dream farm and building my dream pad. Urgggg! I've had enough..yoko nah..break nata!!!

I will not hate FB for introducing me my X's. I guess the problem is with me. I didn't balance my time well and wasn't able to set my priorities. That is, I'm online because of my blogging duties. I have to blog and share stories. Gotta speak and gotta listen. To hear and to be heard.

Now am back! You'll see more of me, and I'm serious...hahaha! (I hope) Kinda like rekindling my love for writing and though I won't say goodbye to FB completely, at least... space man lang. :D



(post for the year)

How's the firefly nowadays? It's been almost a month since I posted something here, pretty much enjoying my blogging holidays huh? Thought of extending it but dang,.. I miss it na!

The year 2009 ended with lots of smiles and laughter, thank you Jah! We had a successful convention, full of encouragements and love. Caught up with old familiar faces which I haven't seen in a while. Received the most anticipated Evian gift from sissy, it surely rocks! And the best part was am able to spent time with the people who really mattered.

Now here comes another year... Gosh!.. another year to blog about. See you guys for that.

Hmmm... wondering what else to share? Guess would have to keep this short and sweet. By the way, I strongly believe that in order for me to be active in blogging again, I need to part ways with Facebook, LOLZ! What am I saying???