ano ba yan???

What happened to the world? I mean my world, the files are all gone...and I'm so dead! Alright let me explain. Last night I was doing a little adjustments with my laptop. I change its resolution and some fonts. I decided to add a new user account, if in case somebody else plans to hack my computer you know. So anyway I had a new user account aside from my administrator. The only mistake I realized that time was I should have turned on the guest account instead of making another account. Well too late, it's done. Weird stuff happened upon opening lappy this morning. I couldn't see a single trace of my admin account, the one protected with a password. The files are missing, pictures, videos, documents, everything! What am running now is the account I've created last night which gives me limited access to my very own data.

Now, can anybody tell me what happened??? Please! Waaahhhhh... what am I gonna do???
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I'm gonna get you!

It was a cold, windy night when suddenly a familiar sound wakes me up from my vivid dreams. It was disturbing and alarming though, I thought what's happening? As I turned on the light, I saw something blinking. Damn, it was my cellphone ringing! I answered it right away thinking it was an emergency but it was just from a nobody actually! I hate such prank callers! They bother us, annoy us, and disturbs us. Have you been in the same situation? When someone unknown keeps on calling and when you finally answered their call, they'd just hang up! Frustrating isn't it? But these fellas can now be trace. Yes, we can finally know who and from where they are!

Online source are very helpful in providing information about certain numbers, landlines, business lines, and even cellphones. National Phone Numbers Listings also provide reliable details like the address and name of the prank callers. My sister told me about it because she tried their service. She simply just type the phone number and in an instant she knew it right away. It was from a company using telemarketing to reach consumers. At least, not from bad guys right! Anyway, let me research too. I'm gonna know who are you!!!


sand fantasy

Watching this video gave me goosebumps! Look at the artist's hands, it's so magical! Her talent and imagination made me realize how beautifully and wonderfully we are indeed made by Jah!
Enjoy everyone! Be left in awe!!!

explore, show, and share

Everyday we face so many questions-what to do? what to buy? where to go? what to eat? the list goes on. It's like a never ending decision making part of our living. Gladly though help has come our way. Wouldn't it be great if somebody, anybody out their willing to share their thoughts, opinions, words and worlds to us? This is exactly what Acobay do for us! But first what is Acobay? It is not just an ordinary networking site, it is where people all over the world connect and share stuff that matters to them.

Imagine you can be connected with real people across the globe by the cars you drive, games you've played, places you've visited, songs you like, and so on. It would be so easy to find out what's hot and what's not, the latest and the trendiest, the best and worst. Sounds interesting right? It is! I've tried it actually. You simply need to register, fill out the form, share stuff, join discussions, and try its features such as book network, movie, pet network. And oh by the way, since we all love blogging, Acobay can also do the promoting for us! It allows us to meet new bloggers and widen our networks.

Why not give it a try, and you'll surely like it! Winks!



By Amy Carbonneau

Sometimes I feel I am a paper

being used for Origami,

folded and creased,

unfolded and flipped,

until I can't handle anymore

or I will tear.

And that is when,

with one final tug,

I go from plain paper
to swan.

the child within

Growing up, I never remember having a doll. I never remember mom bought me the famous barbie and her set of clothing. It's not that I'm a tomboy but I just didn't appreciate such stuff ever since before. What I'm fascinated up until now are miniature model of insects and animals. I have mini cockroaches, spiders, flies, and my favorite-the teeny weenie sticky octopus! And you know what? Recently, when my cousin and I were roaming around the mall, we entered this store that's all about miniature and life-sized models of everyone from the animal kingdom. I really like to have that huge lion stuff toy but the price, oh I just couldn't afford lol! But I won't lose hope, with the help of my sister, perhaps soon I'll get to have one lol!

Sissy have a large collection of toys, for her kids though! My nephew Joshua has bunch of toys and he even have that life-sized tiger in her room. It looks so real and so cute! She got some of it from Lou Lou's Corner, have you heard about it? It's a specialty boutique for everyone in your life, including yourself. It offers the widest, most unique collection of toys, gift ideas, designer baby clothes, and accessories. From any brands like jellycat, tea collection, barefoot dreams, appaman and many more! I personally adore the jellycat huge junglie monkey, ei, someday! Sigh.

How about you? What brings out the child in you?

tips and trends

My sister just gave birth recently to a bouncing baby girl, she shared pictures of baby Alex and her super cute nursery room. I really like the decorations, motif, and over all theme that sissy chose, very unique and pretty, perfect for a baby. However, She also told me that there's more to be done because their actually planning to renovate their house. Their dining room and garage needs some extensions so she's looking for tips on Home Improvement Ideas. Gladly we found one! A blog that's all about improving your home and space. We found such helpful tips such as how to have a more durable garage that will stand through the test of time, and decor options like the hanging tropical bird made from recycled tires. I tell you, it's very trendy and fun, you better check it out as well so you'd have more ideas on the latest trends in home improvement.

Got to go guys, happy weekend ahead!


chicha de carcar

As part of our escapade in Cebu, we went to the famous town of Carcar. Where the most crispylicious chicharon(pork rinds) can be found! Carcar didn't fail us, it is indeed the chicharon capital of the Philippines. You'd see chicha and other delicacies like ampao, banana chips, and latik in each and every corner of the street. Vendors doesn't care about competitors since locals and visitors just can't have enough. Mama bought quite many chicharon, to sell to everyone as soon as we're home. I must say it's a good business venture, in just 3 days the chicharons are all gone lol! My goodness, it's sooo yumminesss! drooling Pictures, Images and Photos You'd forget about your diet and you'll keep on craving for more! So guys, if you happen to see some Carcar chicharon in the future, be sure to grab some. It surely taste like heaven lololoz!!!


the waves and the sun...

I still couldn't move on with our recent vacation so pardon me if I'll keep on talking about it lol! Looking at the pictures makes me wanna go their again. Especially the beach part where me and my cousin's we're playing like crazy! How beautiful it is to relax and have a good time with family. I'm pretty sure that everyone else are enjoying their summer time or planning for something good. Well, it really doesn't matter how we spend it, the best thing is to bond right?

Oh by the way, speaking of vacation, relaxing, and enjoying, have you heard about Myrtle Beach Resorts? If you happened to live in the U.S, sure you know about it. I learned that it's one of the best destinations located in the Grand Strand. With a magnificent view of the Pacific and breath-taking beauty of white sand, it's the perfect getaway for the entire gang lol! I won't tell any further, just see it for yourself. You can search for the most amazing Myrtle Beach Resort and all about its amenities and offers. Tours are also available, depending on which one you prefer. Why not start preparing for your escapade to one of the many lovely Myrtle Beach Hotels?

Enjoy the sun and the waves everyone! :D


Sa Cebu!

view @ the deck... bound to Cebu

Align Centermy cousin's Veniz & Ivy

mi faMiLia

~crazy crepes~

mga nakaw na posing.. lol!

Santander, Cebu... (view at the bus)

mama's hometown...Santander, Cebu

"Laurente's property" :D

mama & papa

nice one! hehe...

arti-arti jud...haha!

Port of Santander

we're bound to Dumaguete na... :D

arriving Port of Dapitan... we're almost home!

Last April 11, Papang, Mamang, cousin's Vine & Ivy, and yours truly packed our bags and headed to Cebu. The travel was long, from Zamboanga to Dipolog by bus, Dipolog to Dapitan by tricycle, and Dapitan to Cebu by a ferry. My big brother fetch us at Cebu Pier... I forgot na, and the weather greeted us with a truly warm welcome. Actually, we didn't roamed around the city that much. As we would love to but my manong is too busy to tour us around. But we manage to go to places, the malls,(Ayala,SM,Metro,Robinson's) to the oldest street in the Philippines-"Colon," and pass by famous land marks. Colon was super crowded I must say. The traffic was annoying and the sun was sooo cruel, I couldn't stop complaining! Sorry though for not being able to take much more pictures because according to the peepz, it's dangerous to show of your cam lol! We had a great time visiting my brother, it was basically just bonding with him..hehe!

Anyway, the latter part of our escapade is to go to my mother's hometown-Santander. A municipality at the southern tip of Cebu. We need to travel 185 kilometers by bus to get there and that's when I really enjoyed the most. The sights were beautiful! I haven't seen such a lovely coast line in my entire life. Cebu is truly blessed to have such beauty. Opposite to Zamboanga who's got majestic mountain view to offer lol! We visited mama's relatives and the best part of it was the beach! Finally, our much anticipated hop to the unexploited white sand beach owned by the Laurente's. As you can see in the pictures, we had a fantastic time playing around. Me and my cousin's were the only people splashing through the cystal clear waters hahaha! I love to go their again. Very private and peaceful, far from the creepy yet fun life here in Zamboanga. (*_*)

Going home was more challenging. We left Santander at around 6p.m, rode a barge, and after 20 minutes we arrived at Sibulan, Dumaguete. With all our heavy bags and strollers, we're on our way to the pier to ride another ferry bound for Dapitan. My goodness, the ferry was swinging all the time, mom and ivy got dizzy and even puked lol! We arrived Dapitan safely but our journey didn't end there, we need to ride a big bus again going to Zamboanga. And finally, after another 310 kilometers, we're home! Safe and sound, thank's Jah! Hiya, what a travel right??? Now you know why I'm sick and unwell..hehe!



Picture taken at my mother's hometown in Santander, Cebu. I'm blushing to say... this unexploited, white sand beach is owned by the Laurente's,(my middle name lol!) I love this shot! Thanks Veniz! (^_^) Stay tuned for more pics..hihi!

car reviews

Thank goodness am feeling much better today. Well I should, after all the medicine and lots of sleep. Even though I would love to blog about my Cebu escapade already but my mind refuses to coordinate. I feel so brain-dead and floating lol! I totally feel oblige to scribble it here but first things first alright? Need to finish my task...hehe! Don't worry, this gonna be short and sweet. Let me begin.

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Good night everyone! I'd try to drop EC tonight but just thinking about it makes me feel sleepy already lol!



My system is still dysfunctional from a super long travel so pardon me if I can't do updates that much. I'm still having jet lag and a terrible flu. My asthma got triggered because of weather shock, literally, it was an intense Cebu Fever LOL! I want to rest and have a massage but need to finish my opps, my goodness, I need to recover from bankruptcy lol! I'd be back on track as soon as I'm well okies?

Thanks for all your visits!!!


I'm back!

Hiya I'm back! After a week of vacation, it's time to face the world again. I'd be sharing here my journey in Cebu, one of which is our mall escapades. I didn't enjoy it very much because all we did was walked around from north to south, from east to west. My legs we're complaining much more my pocket lol! Good thing am not a pulsive buyer or else I've gone bankrupt lol! Anyway since I was not able to satisfy my shopping desire, what I did was indulge myself with food! Yes, I've gained weight but it's fine. The mall has so much to offer and it's fun but it made me realize why many people choose to shop online now a days. By shopping online, you can save your time, energy, and you get to buy the particular thing you need.

By the way, have you tried shopping online? Or better yet have you tried ShopWiki? It is a search engine for more than 30,000 stores in the internet. It means, you can crawl through every store, finding the best deals, prices, products, and offers! If you're looking for gadgets, clothing, equipments, toys, kitchen and dining items like pots and pans, wine glasses, toasters, etc. it's the perfect place for you. With just a few clicks, you're about to have anything you need. Hmmm.. anyway, although I didn't enjoy the super huge malls so much but because of the experience, I won't change a thing. (^_^)



Hello! I'm still out of town. Will get back to blogging as soon as I'm home. Thanks for all your visits! (*_*)

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