the child within

Growing up, I never remember having a doll. I never remember mom bought me the famous barbie and her set of clothing. It's not that I'm a tomboy but I just didn't appreciate such stuff ever since before. What I'm fascinated up until now are miniature model of insects and animals. I have mini cockroaches, spiders, flies, and my favorite-the teeny weenie sticky octopus! And you know what? Recently, when my cousin and I were roaming around the mall, we entered this store that's all about miniature and life-sized models of everyone from the animal kingdom. I really like to have that huge lion stuff toy but the price, oh I just couldn't afford lol! But I won't lose hope, with the help of my sister, perhaps soon I'll get to have one lol!

Sissy have a large collection of toys, for her kids though! My nephew Joshua has bunch of toys and he even have that life-sized tiger in her room. It looks so real and so cute! She got some of it from Lou Lou's Corner, have you heard about it? It's a specialty boutique for everyone in your life, including yourself. It offers the widest, most unique collection of toys, gift ideas, designer baby clothes, and accessories. From any brands like jellycat, tea collection, barefoot dreams, appaman and many more! I personally adore the jellycat huge junglie monkey, ei, someday! Sigh.

How about you? What brings out the child in you?