malagut tah!

Just when I'm determined to reach 300 drops and blog hop as well, it's when the internet sucks! For the past five days the connection is always interrupted, loads forever, and cannot find server. My goodness, I'm starting to realize that it's not SMART for us to continue with this IP anymore. Not worth the bill huh! As a blogger lol, being online must be productive. Have to visit blogs as much as possible, update here and there, and of course hunt for sponsors, multi-tasking to be exact. But how can I do all of these with an internet connection that's slower than a snail!!! Ei, you better fix this soon! I don't enjoy calling your toll-free numbers much more listen to those crap explanations.

Waaaahhhhh! GRRRRRRRRRR! pc mad Pictures, Images and Photos


Shimumsy said...

hi. may tag ako sa'yo. grab it anytime. happy weekend dear. take care.

out of the blue

Aimee said...

nkakainis talaga pag mahina connection noh?? parang gusto mo na ihagis yung PC mo.. grrrrrr!

good luck nalang sa 'tin XD