Here I go again

Growing up I don't remember liking anything sporty. In school, PE class was one of my not so favorite subject. I was living a sedentary lifestyle, big time. Which leads to me to being an over weight teenager, thought I was happy about it until I came to my senses. Not that it's a bad thing, but it can be, eventually. So I started getting physical. Made drastic changes and stick with it, no matter how frustrating it can be sometimes. That's the time when I became a sports fan. I don't play anything sporty though just to make it clear. Just that athletes and players, they're a source of inspiration to me and of course to many. Seeing them living a healthy, active lifestyle, I also want to be that way though I know they're beyond fit and it's impossible for me to be like them, LOL!

Watching them play through TV gives me thrill. If I can only watch them live, it would be so much better! Yeah right...when could that possibly happen? When can I grab a Chicago Bulls tickets? A Boston Celtics tickets perhaps or New York Knicks tickets. That would be awesome, I might faint LOL! It's not happening, not in a million years but I'd keep on wishing, who knows? If am not getting a game passes, concerts tickets will do at least.

Just my imagination....