monster art

An image done completely in MS Paint. Sounds impossible? No, not for Diamonster! One incredibly talented crazy dude who spent 500 hours to finish such fantastic art. Truly amazing! I can't even imagine how he did it. Whatta MONSTER skill indeed!

Hey want to see more of his art works? In
here.. Enjoy!


false values

At 22 years of age, BORIS BECKER is one of the leading tennis players in the world. He is also the wealthiest-with holdings estimated at $75 million during the 90's. His fortune was built on winning tennis matches. However, the German athlete believes that he is overpaid. "It's a joke when you think of it- how much I get for just hitting a tennis ball over the net." According to a certain magazine, he said that in today's society "there's so much money around that nobody should go hungry or homeless. People pay too much attention to false values."



I've been blogging for almost 2 years now and day after day I enjoy it even more. Except for the occasional bloggers block which I'm experiencing as of the moment though lol! It's really a challenge maintaining multiple blogs, and yet still anticipating to make new ones. I've recently created my 3rd blog and am so happy to finally have my own domain. Getting their wasn't easy though. I asked a lot of help from the experts and did my assignment. My goal is to find a good web site hosting, the one that provides unlimited features and benefits, and the one with the highest customer satisfaction rate. I also looked for the best blog hosting service possible because that's what I really need for all my blogs. Sometimes I get confused with the control panel and such so an easier access to me is an edge. I saw a lot of options actually, thanks to Web Hosting Rating for providing very helpful tips and information about the top 10 web hosting providers.

Now am working on my new site, yeah boy! Still got plenty of stuff to figure, wish me sanity, lol! Anyway, will introduce it to the world wide web soon, and I do hope to see you there! Smooches!



Though I want to update this blog, and so as my other blogs, I just couldn't as of the moment. Things are piling up lately and I don't even know where to start.(Char!) Alright, let me tell you some of the reasons. First, the server(s). Believe it or not I have two ISP's, that's how desperate I am just to have a good connection. Globe installed broadband the other day but I decided not to terminate Smart yet until the end of the month. Now both ISP gives me head ache big time! Their servers are dysfunctional, super slow, and weird! Well at least, if the other one is messing up I'll just unplug it and it'll be the other ones turn. Crazy isn't it?

Anyway, since mom and dad are out-of-town, am the one whose doing all the jobs and paper works here as well. Gosh, I feel so ewan LOL! Customers are so demanding, errrrrrrrrrrr! One of these days, I'll blog about them and how they power trip! (Peace!)

But hey before I sign out, there's something I really wanted to share with you. It's a creepy kind of thing actually and am still figuring out if what I saw was real or just imagination. I hope it's just my imagination. Stay tuned for my tale ok? Heheh...

Happy weekend from Zamboanga!



Haha, been blog absent for almost a week now and I feel bad for actually liking it, lol! It all started when the laptop was down for some malware, it took years to load a single page and I wasn't patient enough to deal with it. Then the friend's wedding came, no, wasn't able to look for a white dress though lol! Was having fun with the pictures and stuff so being on line didn't even cross my mind. Guess I was just so dysfunctional lately, or maybe it is because I lost my PR...OUUCHHHH, that hurts! This is the fifth time I lost my PR, hope MR. Gogol will give it back soon, oh! Hmmm, think I know what to do.

See ya in your blogs, I owe a lot of visit... :D Happy start of the week!


white dress

On Saturday morning, 5 dawn to be exact, a good friend is finally tying the knot with the man of her dreams. Yei, she's getting married! She's about to walk down the Aile while everyone else are still sleeping and probably snoring lol! I'm a morning person so don't have much problem with getting up early, not that early though. Anyway, she told us to wear a white dress. Required??!! Whose closet will I envade? I don't have a white dress, poor me... hehe!

Hmmff.. I wonder what's it gonna be like? I mean to attend a morning wedding. Will I expect to see a fresher more relax guests and invites?
Oh well, to the bride and groom-to-be... Congratz you both! This is it, todo na to! LOL!

baby proof your home

Do you have babies or kids at home? If you do then you know how important it is to keep your home clean, safe and hazard free. Children are so playful and active, often times, mommies can't monitor them 24/7. It's scary when we think of the possible accidents prone at home. The electrical wiring, sharp objects, the stairs are just among the many corners we should always keep safe. My sister can really relate with this stuff, she has 2 kids, a toddler and a baby. According to her, my nephew is so hyper! He's constantly playing and always curious like a monkey lol! That's why they made sure to baby proof their home, to truly make it a child safety place.

By the way, I found an on line shop that provides the widest selection of home safety products. KidSafe offers the largest selection of quality baby proofing. Among their products are baby proof TV guard, toilet locks, safeway baby gates, stove guard, window wedge window stop, pet gates, crib safety, cabinet locks, baby monitor and so much more! You can also shop by brands such as Angel Guard, evenflo, Kidco, Mobi, etc. Feel free to browse the site and look for the items you need most.

Got to go, happy Tuesday everyone!

online tutors!

How does the word MATH makes you feel? As for me, it makes me feel terribly sick lol! Since I was home schooled before, receiving manuals and books were part of my daily life and I have no choice but to deal with it without teachers to explain. Had no worries with other subject, am self-motivated and loves to learn alone. But Math and all its field was totally different! I was so pissed solving all the equations, formulas, statistics, and everything! I was desperate to find an Algebra tutor and felt so dead! Goodness, I can't believed how I was able to made it!

If only there was an Online algebra tutor available before. Well maybe there was, but obviously I wasn't aware about it. Not until now! Yes, you heard it right folks, a Free online algebra help is now available for everyone problematic with Math. The help we need are available at TutorVista- the leading online tutoring company in the world! For less than a hundred dollars a month, one can fully avail their unlimited tutoring for all subjects. Students can use their service as much as they want, fast and easy. They also provide free demo for everyone who wants to give it a try. Truly a good news for those who are still in school. No need to worry and be in despair about algebra and numbers.

Check out the links guys, you might wanna avail such service.


Been working everyday with the laptop but up until now I still don't know anything about the technical stuff or whatever that has to do with it. For 5 days now I keep on receiving alerts the moment the lappy's turned on. I strongly believed that there's some kind of bug in here! Though am confused on where the heck it came from. Would probably need to take this to the technician and that means no on line life for a couple or more days. My golly, that's unthinkable and impossible LOLZ!

Well, let's just see... haha!


Sunday madness

I woke up late this morning, with back sores and muscle pain. Am glad that after 3 days, the general cleaning is all done. Yes, that's the reason why I haven't been on line these past few days. The house was a mess, things were untidy, and the dust was overwhelming lol! The entire household decided to clean it full blast and thank goodness it's all over. Never mind if am having sores, we got satisfying results anyway.

On a second note, I must say that am so happy to be back on line again. Was excited upon opening my mails and checking on updates. I can't believe how much I enjoy surfing the net lately. Well why not? There are so many things out there waiting to be discovered. I ought to share with you whatever I'll find interesting and that's exactly what I will be doing now. Pretty sure those who enjoy shopping on line likes to know about Zappos is the premier destination for the things you'll love to put in your closet. They have the widest selection of shoes, clothing & apparels, electronics, handbags, accessories, and more! I actually like their pajamas section, plenty of cute and unique styles to choose from. You might wanna check out the site too, don't miss their lots of sales and promotions. By the way, they also provide free shipping too.

So much for tonight, see you tomorrow everyone!