cLever scRabbLe

This is one of the most clever e-mails I've received in awhile. Someone out there either has too much spare time or is deadly at scrabble. (Wait till you see the last one!) So, I think I should share this with you also...hehe!

when you rearrange the letters:

when you rearrange the letters:

when you rearrange the letters:

when you rearrange the letters:

when you rearrange the letters:

when you rearrange the letters:

when you rearrange the letters:

when you rearrange the letters:

when you rearrange the letters:

when you rearrange the letters:

how cool is that???.. LOL!!!


Free to FLY

If only we have wings, then we will always fly near to those we love and just be with them. But even if we don't, we still can fly just as our thoughts do. Not even distance, or time be a reason for us not to show how much a person means to our life. For as long as you have your wings of love, you are always free to fly! And be inspired by those who lived a beautiful life from the inside out.
Ate Lot,(jerlalou) shared this tag with me, thank you! Your one of those who always spreads it's wings to fly... hehehe!

tAgie tAg

Thanks for this ate sheila! Sorry just now I was able to make this taggy tag... haha, you know na..nag inO-A pako,LOL! Anyways, here it goes...

***** yeah, bad weather... i'm having migraine attacks if the weather sucks, hehe!
***** HUH??? well, he's not a person.. he's my pet, MUY-MUY...miming ko!
***** I have no idea!!! snore probably,hehe!
***** mamang ko! we went preaching at Lunzuran... (asa dw to?)
***** black and red!
***** swept the floor... wink!
***** cellphone, eyeglass, electric fan..hahaha!
***** brown, woody brown
***** didn't count...hihihi!

I'm tagging Veniz with this... grab it huh!

The latest and hottest ringtones you ever wanted!!

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"until then.."

Animals Waving.

This is how my family looked like when ate lotlot, kuya mike, and baby ethan went back home to san diego yesterday. We had such a wonderful time during their vacation. It was worth the 3 years wait..hehe! It was hard saying goodbye, but ofcourse, goodbye's are not forever. We will defenitely missed ethan's adorable smile and dancing sessions,LOL! Ohhhh, well... we'll see them again! And when that time happens, it will surely be a wonderful moment again...

Now, we are up to ate sheila, kuya shawn and baby joshua's vacation. See you soon guys!



sick Not so feeling well this past few days, had my fever and muscle pain....grrrrrr I hate it! I went to the doctor and have some check up but everything's negative, thank God! I stayed in the bed and rest and rest and rest... mamang got some malunggay leaves, heat it and put it on my back,LOL! murag albularyo...hehe! I hate feeling sick, when you got so many things to do but then you can't do it! Wahhhhhh! But I'm fine now, feeling better. I have too, If not na...bLagags! Bokya,LOL!


Culinary schools finder

The Culinary Arts have an amazing and growing industry these days. Restaurants are found in every corner, and people just needs to eat. They crave for good food and unique taste, and we owe it all to the hand who does the cooking. Chef's are very in demand now a days, that's why many are taking up culinary courses and getting themselves into culinary schools. These chef schools develops your talent in cooking. Good food and great taste, who doesn't love it! Even me, I've been planning to enroll myself into one someday,LOL! but first i have to search one of the culinary school online that fits for me.

technical school finder

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"Samson" I've been listening to this song by Regina Spektor right now. I just can't help myself to be amaze by this song. The lyrics are mysterious, I admit I still can't figure out what she's trying to say,LOL! Her songs are different, one of those few whose making you think while listening. And her voice, Men! (manindog imong balahibo,hehe)

Here's the lyrics of Samson, please share to me what you comprehend...Hehe!

You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first, I love you first
Beneath the sheets of paper lies my truth
I have to go, I have to go
Your hair was long when we first met

Samson went back to bed
Not much hair left on his head
He ate a slice of wonder bread
And went right back to bed

And history books forgot about us
And the bible didn't mention us
The bible didn't mention us
Not even once

You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first, I loved you first
Beneath the stars came falling on our heads
But there just told light, there just told light
Your hair was long when we first met

Samson came to my bed
Told me that my hair was red
He told me I was beautiful
And came into my bed

Oh, I cut his hair myself one night
A pair of dull scissors and the yellow light
And he told me that I'd done alright
And kissed me till the morning light, the morning light
And he kissed me till the morning light

Samson went back to bed
Not much hair left on his head
Ate a slice of wonder bread
And went right back to bed

And we couldn't bring the columns down
Yeah, we couldn't destroy a single one
And history books forgot about us
And the bible didn't mention us
Not even once.

You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first

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party, party!

Family really had fun last night, ate lot and kuya mike with their son ethan treat a bunch and bunch of people,MEN..LOL! They are having their vacation now here in Zambo. and on sunday they will be back home to san diego already...huhuhu! Time can never be enough for us. Anyways, I don't want to emote pa... so continue... last night was a dinner for family and close friends and neighbors, and even those faces we don't know. Seems like their just popping out from nowhere,LOL! It's weird yet offcoarse it's amazing how filipinos bond and celebrate. It's like a comotion, hehe... People here and there, talking and eating and laughing... like a circus. But there can never be like us pinoys on this planet, that's how we value family, friends, good life and the time we spend with them. I just hope they can stay here forever,ohhhh!!! And my sis. too, see you soon na hah! hehe..


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Credit Cards are back up help!

Customers entering the showrooms of a furniture factory in Johannesburg, South Africa, are met with the sign: "We do not accept cash. Cheques or credit cards only." According to The Star, a newspaper in Johannesburg, the owner believes that the handling of cash attracts robbers, thus he decided to do business through cheques or credit cards only. The employees also received their wages through check. Because of the no-cash policy, their store is more relaxed and somehow safe.

This story was reported 18 years ago! But, what if we are on that situation? We find something we are so eager to buy, then the store where that something is sold doesn't accept cash! What do we do? Probably asked for other people's credit card,LOL!
Means to say that for some instances, our credit cards will surely be a great help.

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Ez Insurance portal

"No man is an island" indeed! Whether we admit it or not, life would be extremely difficult and sad if we don't have someone with us. Our family, friends and even just acquaintances are pieces of puzzle that completes our wholeness. But another saying also tells us that nothing is permanent,every thing's change. In every tick of the click, anything can happen. It can never be in our hands to control matters and sometimes things will not be smooth always. We turn to those who we trust if help is needed. Our family will give us the support, and our friends will give us the boost to fight.

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Sign Language Alphabet SIGN... it's the language in the world of silence. I learned their language two years ago, and it is one of the decisions I've made with out regrets. It's not easy though, from the very first step of learning the alphabet. As you can see the ABC,LOL! You have to soften your fingers and hands and memorize the sign of each letter. When your good at doing your ABC... and memorize it all already, then your good to go! There is alot of advantages when you know sign. My cousin Vine(veniz) and I can gossip about anything and everything even on public,LOL! But much to that, sign has given me the opportunity to reach out the deaf and the mute. They are actually just like us..stubborn, weird, noisy,hehe... yet their fun and really, we can learn so many things from them. If only we listen and learn their language. Maybe someday you would like to learn another language, why not make it sign!!!

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There are many reason a person travels. For vacation, for fun, but mostly for work. How nice it would be if you have your own car, you'll just pack your bags and off you go!!! But having a car is not easy, you'll have lots of things to consider. First is your budget and of course the life style your living. Many people today search for best ways to making their dream car come true. One of the trusted way is getting yourself an Auto Loan. You can do the search with just a simple step of clicking your keyboards. Auto Loans are highly recommended for they give the clients the lowest market rates and affordable monthly payments that depends on your financial circumstances. It's good to be hardworking,work is a blessing. But we do need a partner car to make our life better, your dream car waiting for you!


hour gLass

Time right now runs so fast.Hour Glass Things are changing too. What you want right now may not be what you want for tomorrow. Like an hour glass, we'll always have constant ups and downs. For a blogger whose serious and dedicated to their blogging, we may feel like an hour glass is being put infront of us. With all this opps running after us,LOL! But this is a blessing we should be thankful for. It's like the sand in the hour glass, the countless blessings we are showered. Thank you to blogging! AJA..AJA!



Tired I w0ke up late this morning than what I usually do. I was'nt able to do my early morning chores,naks! hehe... Didn't join deaf search as well. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Ohh well, I feel soooo tired, I just want to lie in bed the whole time. Seems there's hollow blocks on my back and my head.. my mind is lost,LOL! I feel like there's something vacuming my brain, that it's being squeezed to dry! What is this feeling I'm feeling now? Will I loose my sanity soon?? Will I not be blooming anymore??? hahaha! Got puff eye bags and frizzy hair! men!! the parlor treatment expired already... it's soo unfair, if only shampoo commercials are true, amazing hair in one sachet! No not one, but two.. you also need conditioner!... Whoooow! I'm talking nonsense again! I got this loose screws on my head, I am a brick shy of a full load, and I'm not thinking with a full deck of cards right now!!!! NOSEBLEED!
But all these are just annoying spices of life I know... hehe, we sometimes need to be a little bit abnormal for us to think and discover..HUH?? thanks for your time reading this!! thank you!!!

more of my eklover..sure to come! hehe..


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A car is an individuals treasured possession no doubt! Whether it's the product of hard work, a gift or even if it's just borrowed from someone..LOL! Who doesn't want to own one someday? My dream car would be a black pick up type truck, great for outdoors and adventure..haha! just nice to think about that one day I can have it!

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Office Desks Review

Couch Potato! yeah, yeah..that was me 5 years ago. Always in front of the television, changing channels not knowing what to watch. But as what I've said, that was 5 years ago, guess I've matured now, oh uh! I bet you too if not until now, where once couch potato's too. The sofa or the couch gives us that nice feeling, am I right? Specially if we have that very comfy ones...

But what if where not at home, in the office maybe. Will we say goodbye to comfy? No need! We still can have great office furniture that makes us feel still at home. Let Inter County help you. It's an online store that offers super wide variety of office furniture,quality ones and they also got the lowest prizes deals. From price point grey office desks, bistro furniture, office tables..and office storage for your office to look neat and inviting. Their tables are not like the typical 18mm, but 25 mm thick desktop, the quality is guaranteed and yet still stylish.
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Mamang and Papang have been planning to go to Dumaguete and Cebu (another Phil. Islands) again after holy week. 3 months ago the've went there already but still got some things to follow up so they must return. I've been asking them, actually begging them to let me go along. Ohhh! please! I just love to go to places, and meet relatives I've not seen for decades now,LOL..charing! When mamang told me that they might also drop by in Siquijor, oh my! oh my! I've been dreaming to go to this place ever since. There are alot of stories about the island of Siquijor. Many would say that it's creepy there! you know, witches and blah blah...hmmm, sounds exciting! But anyways, enough about that. What I want, is to see and be able to step in the island they call paradise! I know it's not a vacation for us if we go there, but even just seeing the place and take some photographs... Men!
Hoping!!! :D

oh if the plans push through... promise i'll share the moments with you!



This one i took while i was sitting under the tree and listening to the birds chirp and chirp, ek-ek! nahhhh! just taking shots, as usual. My digicam is always with me, except if it's lowbat already...LOL!

One of my faves is this shot I took while I was aboard an airplane. It was dawn and the sunrise was amazing!!! I don't know how to describe it, but I guess a picture paints a thousand

And this one, sunset at the beach!
It's nice to take shots of the wonderful creations . They speak to us with their own language, their beautiful language!


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Get a deal on Computer Memory

Computer addict? hmmm not really. But I have to admit that a day won't passed by if I haven't been online. I have to, my sister misses me sooo much we have to see each other all the time, charing! LOL! But seriously speaking, the computer is like our hero, through it and with the help of the the world wide web, you can reach your love ones anywhere they may be. Without computer and the Internet, I can't and I don't want to imagine how it would be.

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LoviNg it!

It's summer time soon, and I'm soooo looking forward to it! Every summer, I have this goal to spend 50 hours in the field..meaning more time, more experiences and much much fun! I wonder where we would be going this time???
The field is white and ready for harvesting... so, Let's GO!

This is just one of the mountainous region we've been to... hehe!(kabukiran sa murok..hehe)


'Anniniput'... i've been asked alot of times why anniniput. Sounds cute right?! yeah I think so,LOL! Seriously, there is really no reason why I chose that. I rember my sister just asked me to make an email add, and so I did. To avoid double time filling those ek-ek forms, I taught of a word that will be soooo unique that nobody in this planet would even think..hehehe! And the rest is history... anniniput was born.(bisaya word for firefly)
I admire these little creatures so much! Who would'nt? Seeing fireflies sparkling light makes the night glorious, makes us realize that beautiful days we cannot have if we have'nt experience the dark. And when these tiny creatures come together, i't's just so breathtaking. For people like us, we all have our own little light to share in this world, we have to... for a brighter life ahead...SHIne!


The Concept of Term Life Insurance

Life Insurance: The concept of life insurance are not fully understood by quite a number of people. They think that this is an additional expenses and a burden for them which affects their financial budgets. But on how I understand it, Life Insurance can be a help for many, when they experience the unforeseen occurrences that are happening to many individuals, family's, or groups.
Life Insurance is a tool for financial planning, which an insurance company assure it's clients that if he religiously pay the specified premiums he will avail future benefits which gives the plan holder his future liquidity, enable to protect him for his future needs.
Therefore, only life insurance can give us immediate financial security. Why? because it is a system designed to protect people against financial hardships in the event of a loss.
It is Payable through quarterly, semi-annual, or annually.
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Everyday we spend on junks, or less important things, why not divert these unnecessary expenses to pay for an insurance coverage. When the time to reap of what is sown comes, you will discover then that it is worth the effort.


online bingo games

I was surfing through the internet and really, there's no doubt there are soo many things yet to be discovered in the world wide web. Even the once that can only be done hands on. Like playing games, it is very accessible right now. You can download your favorite games without any hassle at all. And no matter what your age is, sure there is something just right for you.

Like for instance Bingo Games. Yes, there are already Online bingo games now a days, sounds high tech right! I've never played bingo all my life, but I've seen people playing it, whether they are amateurs or professionals and even children, they seem to have sooo much fun! Specially if they hit the jackpot, I wonder how they feel??? :-).

Online bingo games are definitely in for those who want to try their luck... they just have to register, and play, so very easy! So for those of you who wanna give it a go...GO! Have fun, win prices and above all make friends at bingo party!


I dont know!!!

I really dont know what's the title of this post, soo much more what to write! But I do want to write, I felt like this blogging thing made my head go crazy this past few days. Everytime time there's new opps popping up...whooow! And when I feel that I have to write and write and write... I don't know if I make sense, or am I worth your time... does anybody understand me at all??? I don't know!!! All I know is that I'm hungry right now... and wants to eat crispy pata and chicken salad and super duper cold ice tea!!! Then take a long ironic! grrrrr! enough of this eklover of mine! I don't know what to say next already. Peace!


Wanna be a fashion designer?

Fashion indeed changes with the pace of time. Item's of clothing that we now take for granted were once the latest style. Example, the necktie..became the fashion rage over a century ago. And the woman's sweater became an establish style back in the 1920's. What would be the fashion phenomena 10 years from now? Well everyone wants to wear something new, and we do not want to look out of place so whether we admit it or not, we are all kinda fashionista in our own unique way.
But for some who are gifted and talented enough, like someone who has a wide imagination and very creative and original, they might consider attending a Fashion School. New York Fashion Schools are among the fashion capitals in the world. From fashion designing, merchandising, to marketing. You can also learn and get amazing tips from famous fashion designers such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Coco Chanel. Fashion Schools New York might be the first step to your project runway! Your dream is just a click away, who might be the next fashion Guru! Start looking for your dreams to come true by visiting this site and find a
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LifeLock Review

There was a movie which starred Sandra Bullock, I forgot the title..LOL! It was about a woman whose identity was stolen by some kinda group of people doing something bad and wants their deeds to be blamed on others. Her name was change, her address, her whole identity was stolen and just in a snap, she became a totally new person, a complete stranger and the worst is that she became someone wanted by the law. All the records that can proved true of her real identity were all gone,as if she didn't exist at all.
This fictional movies can be a fact now a days. From the Internet where we may share our thoughts and feelings to the outside world, to these sooo many high tech gadgets that can take photographs without us being even aware. Also there are these schemes of bad people that can have an access to your own credit card, estates, data's and so many others.

All of this bad scenario can be prevented if an individual has an ID Security Program. LifeLock, the leader in identity theft protection through their LifeLock Review offer protection for your life, your home, your identity. LifeLock Reviews guarantees your good name to be safe and protected. Why not have LifeLock Reviews program now?... When it's still not to late.

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