party, party!

Family really had fun last night, ate lot and kuya mike with their son ethan treat a bunch and bunch of people,MEN..LOL! They are having their vacation now here in Zambo. and on sunday they will be back home to san diego already...huhuhu! Time can never be enough for us. Anyways, I don't want to emote pa... so continue... last night was a dinner for family and close friends and neighbors, and even those faces we don't know. Seems like their just popping out from nowhere,LOL! It's weird yet offcoarse it's amazing how filipinos bond and celebrate. It's like a comotion, hehe... People here and there, talking and eating and laughing... like a circus. But there can never be like us pinoys on this planet, that's how we value family, friends, good life and the time we spend with them. I just hope they can stay here forever,ohhhh!!! And my sis. too, see you soon na hah! hehe..