Tired I w0ke up late this morning than what I usually do. I was'nt able to do my early morning chores,naks! hehe... Didn't join deaf search as well. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Ohh well, I feel soooo tired, I just want to lie in bed the whole time. Seems there's hollow blocks on my back and my head.. my mind is lost,LOL! I feel like there's something vacuming my brain, that it's being squeezed to dry! What is this feeling I'm feeling now? Will I loose my sanity soon?? Will I not be blooming anymore??? hahaha! Got puff eye bags and frizzy hair! men!! the parlor treatment expired already... it's soo unfair, if only shampoo commercials are true, amazing hair in one sachet! No not one, but two.. you also need conditioner!... Whoooow! I'm talking nonsense again! I got this loose screws on my head, I am a brick shy of a full load, and I'm not thinking with a full deck of cards right now!!!! NOSEBLEED!
But all these are just annoying spices of life I know... hehe, we sometimes need to be a little bit abnormal for us to think and discover..HUH?? thanks for your time reading this!! thank you!!!

more of my eklover..sure to come! hehe..