back at Sibulao..

Probably one of my favorite place on earth, Sibulao. A very simple, far away place that I love to go back over and over again. Life is so much simple there, no electricity to charge your cellphone, a neighbor's house that's hills away, Sadako's well of sweet waters, a bunch of chickens, goats, pigs, cows and carabaos, and ofcourse the 48 years hike and sweating to death journey. We went there last Monday, with Vine, JM, and Ms. Sibulao, Rixa...hehe! Life in the bukid is so hard, yet beautiful and so much fun!

getting ready for the trek..hihi! (murag mga arabo..toinkz!)

hmmm...baya journey...hehe!

riding the "pahagad"...waaahh sooo cool!

sa atabay ni "Sadako"

making katay the poor chicken...using a "sanggut"..diba bonggang-bongga!

preparing for our candlelite dinner...sosyal!!! lolz!

more of our pictures in my other blog.. (^_^)



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Meet "kurdapyo" my beloved pamangkin. He's so cute, charming and ashti...hahaha!

Click the arrow on the side to solve the puzzle


let me explain..

Alright... I was blog absent for the past 5 days. I haven't done any blog visit and updating here. I didn't even had the time to open the lappy and check my emails. Where am I during that period of absence? Did our trip push through? Nahhhh!!! It didn't. I told you it was canceled. Maybe next month, but I choose to keep my mouth shut about our trip..haayyyy basig mabitin nasad! Anyway, I was absent because I attended the 3-day District Convention of JW's. From 8a.m to 4p.m, we were in the convention. I felt so exhausted plus my beloved migraine attacks pajud! The sun is so cruel and my migraine just loves it...hayyyy! wala ko'y choice.

Still, I am so happy being able to attend the convention. Held only once a year, every JW anticipates such time to bond, widen-out, recharge and be showered by spiritual blessings. It was a time to meet far away friends once again and of course pictorials with the gang...ehehehe! (^_^)

So now I'm back in the limelight...a.k.a "bloghosphere" lol! I have so many visits to pay and ec dropping to do, will make up to the time I was out of coverage area...hehe!

See ya around fwends!!!



But, truly, I have wept too much! The Dawns are heartbreaking. Every moon is atrocious and every sun bitter.

I guess it's true. For the past few days I've cried alot or I've seen people cried alot.

~I lost my cellphone two days after my brother gave it to me. :( Sorry manong.. :((

~Our trip was canceled. :((

~Disappointed my sister, SORRY! :((

~I've attended 2 internments in one week. The one is for a sister-in-faith, and the other is for the grandfather of a friend. :(

~Marky Cielo died and I cried. :((( Watching this video is really kakaiyak!!!

Emo? Drama Queen? waaahhhhhhh! Sometimes you have to bleed to know you're alive.

I'm hoping and praying for brighter and happier days ahead!



Our supposed to be trip last wednesday night didn't push through. Our schedules need to be ironed first, we can't afford not to be here in Zamboanga in the coming week. We must attend a convention this friday-sunday so our trip was moved to next next week.. hehe! Anyways, it's okey. It'll be a long holiday so we have plenty of time to laruy-laruy, lol! I'm so excited, hopefully everything will turn out as what we've planned.

Hayyyy... kalargahun najud ko!



Hmmmm... If I don't get to visit your blogs and drop ec tomorrow, then it means I'm out of town..hehe! Actually, my uncle called early this morning. He told papang if we want to attend the opening of his clinic somewhere over there..hehe! Men!!! It will be on friday which means we have to travel tonight or ugma sa kaadlawun. I still don't know, but to be honest I really want to have a vacation and breath a new air. Last monday was very hard for me, I lost my brother's cellphone. I feel so sorry and guilty, although he wasn't that mad but I know it hurts. Tanga-tanga man jud ko!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!! :C

Now I don't have a cellphone, I plan not to get a new one soon. Atleast bakasyon man lang... haaayyy! Anyways, if our plans push through, then I'll be blogging about it, lol!



OMG! What is happening to the lappy???!!! I see so many ants coming out from the inside....Men! Scary! I'm not guilty. I didn't drop food or crumbs or anything here. But it's just so weird! Every time I'm turning on the laptop, the ants are like parading and popping from every where. Ohhh.. are they building an ant colony inside already???

Laptop is in state of emergency, needing to be cleaned urgently... as in now na jud! Haayyy if only you can see the ants here... gipamaak na gane ko..huhu!



Optical illusions are always so clever, cool, and silly. I find them so interesting that often times I caught myself stumble upon websites about optical illusions. Let me share some with you...


look at the words and reading out the colour of the word and not what the word says. Not as easy as it sounds.
See if you can count how many legs this elephant has?

Interesting huh? Click here for more illusions.


the Pizza!

King Ferdinand I (1751-1825) is said to have disguised himself as a commoner and, in clandestine fashion, visited a poor neighborhood in Naples. Why the secrecy? One story has it that he wanted to sink his teeth into a food that the queen had been banned from the royal court-PIZZA.
If Ferdinand were alive today, he would have no trouble indulging his appetite. Currently, there are some 30,000 pizzerias in Italy, and each year they produce enough pizzas to serve 45 to each inhabitant!

Pizza may have originated in Naples about 1720. Back then, pizza was primarily for the poor, a "fast food" that was sold and consumed outdoors. Vendors would traverse the streets loudly calling out to advertise their tasty delicacies. The pizzas were kept warm in a scudo, a copper receptacle that was carried on the vendor's head.
King Ferdinand I eventually made his penchant for pizza known to the royal court. Before long, this street delicacy won such favor that even members of the wealthy elite and the royal class begun flocking to pizzerias. Ferdinand's grandson, King Ferdinand II, went so far as to have a wood-burning oven built in the gardens of Capodimonte Palace in 1832. Thus, he was able to keep his aristocratic guest happy.

The next time you indulge your penchant for pizza, recall its humble origins. And be glad that King Ferdinand I did not keep his love for pizza a secret.

Full article in Awake! magazine