Hmmmm... If I don't get to visit your blogs and drop ec tomorrow, then it means I'm out of town..hehe! Actually, my uncle called early this morning. He told papang if we want to attend the opening of his clinic somewhere over there..hehe! Men!!! It will be on friday which means we have to travel tonight or ugma sa kaadlawun. I still don't know, but to be honest I really want to have a vacation and breath a new air. Last monday was very hard for me, I lost my brother's cellphone. I feel so sorry and guilty, although he wasn't that mad but I know it hurts. Tanga-tanga man jud ko!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!! :C

Now I don't have a cellphone, I plan not to get a new one soon. Atleast bakasyon man lang... haaayyy! Anyways, if our plans push through, then I'll be blogging about it, lol!


Ivana said...

out of town?'s seemed as a fun activity..warmest regards from Funny Humor blog