Baby Food

Guest post from: Kent Lara

My sister recently started her own baby food company. It sounded like such a random idea, but it is actually working out well for her. She is a stay at home mom and was always looking for ways to save money. Apparently baby food can be pretty expensive sometimes, and she figured out that it was cheaper just to make her own in a food processor. She has made so many different types and her baby loves them. She makes a lot of stuff that you can’t even find in stores. The best part is that she knows exactly what is going in the baby food. She started by going to t1.xo and setting up internet and a website for her company. She runs the whole business out of her house. People place orders everyday for tons of her baby food. I was really impressed that she actually made her idea work. Her husband is really happy too with the extra income. I realized that I need to think of a business to start so that I can make a little extra money too.

quick peek

Where did all my long and lazy days gone? I used to hate naps for it seems to always visit me during the day. I used to dread waking up late at mornings. I used to dream what it was like staying up till midnight. Oh well, be careful what you wish for, you might just get it all. And I love it, so far. I have a new job and the nice thing about it is that it’s still related with writing. What’s even better is that I was hired along with the whole gang. (Big grin) So how’s a day in my life today? Busy! Naps waved goodbye already. Waking up late is as ridiculous as sleeping early. The things to do are piling up big time. I’m dang right tired but NOT worn out.


I would love to make updates here but my blog apparently is in the bottom of my list. Bad me!


Could look for it at the exhibit

Barely two months from now, a close friend is getting married. Words are not enough to tell you how excited we are for that one beautiful day. It's going to be held in a different land so aside from the wedding, we are so looking forward to the travel itself. Oh my, can't imagine how fun it will be! But first I think I need to have a new travel bag for the up coming trip because the one am using is torn up already, grrr! It's my favorite bag but I guess the time has come that I need a new one. So timely since I saw in the ad that there's a local trade show affair coming up, this weekend I think and they will have to feature a lot of different goodies from different cities. Am hoping there will be big tote travel bags and maybe can grab one. I just enjoy exhibits! They feature lots of products and great deals. The set up too shows how the organizers work hard to pull off such event. The decorations they use such as trade show flooring, logo mats, logo canopy, cute directors chair, and velvet ropes are all eye candy. Maybe I could find some other stuff at the exhibit, a gift for the groom and bride to be would be nice.


What am I talking about?

When was the last time a saw a movie? To be exact, it was July of last year. Seems everyone was going to the movie house to watch that box office hit, it was full house indeed. Need not mention what it was though, for at the middle of a wonderful story I fell asleep, lol! I can still vividly remember that faithful day. Woke up earlier than the norm, did something more than the usual, and was with people who are extra special. It was a beautiful day! The movie was one of the highlights but I guess, I was so satisfied and pleased with the reality that's happening in front of me and ended up counting sheep, hibernating in dreamland. Wish I could go back to that day, could have memorized every bit of the details and memories. I terribly, awfully do would love to see it happen again!

(Forgive my blabs and nonsense post.)



Guest post of the week by Moises Henderson

My husband was transferred here not too long ago and I'm really starting to love Kansas City. I didn't want to move here at all mostly because my family was back in Texas but I feel like we are really starting a life that is all our own and that's all that really matters. I think it's amazing we were able to find this adorable little house on such short notice and that we've made so much progress already with the renovations. Last weekend we put up tile in the kitchen and also bought some new furniture for the living room, and my husband tells me he's working on getting us home security kansas city set up in the immediate future. It's actually the first house I've ever owned and it's so nice to have a yard and a garage to call our own. I think we are going to make a really nice life for ourselves here and hopefully my husband will continue to like his job going forward but we’ll see!

Wow Mani!

OMG! I soo love those nails! Now I can't sleep thinking where on earth I can grab those nail polish? Somebody tell me??? Just lovely! A cool, modern twist on the French mani. ^^