What am I talking about?

When was the last time a saw a movie? To be exact, it was July of last year. Seems everyone was going to the movie house to watch that box office hit, it was full house indeed. Need not mention what it was though, for at the middle of a wonderful story I fell asleep, lol! I can still vividly remember that faithful day. Woke up earlier than the norm, did something more than the usual, and was with people who are extra special. It was a beautiful day! The movie was one of the highlights but I guess, I was so satisfied and pleased with the reality that's happening in front of me and ended up counting sheep, hibernating in dreamland. Wish I could go back to that day, could have memorized every bit of the details and memories. I terribly, awfully do would love to see it happen again!

(Forgive my blabs and nonsense post.)