I totally had a restful sleep the other night. Until the morning comes, I had trouble getting out of bed. MEN! I have a stiff neck. A terrible stiff neck!!! It hurts so much so I took a pain reliever right away. I felt like a zombie walking straight ahead, lol! Wish I have a neck collar to wear. Since we have none, mama improvised a thin blanket, fold it, then wrapped it around my neck. I look so stupid! LOLZ!

Though I'm feeling sick these past few days, still I am sooo happy! Why? Hmmm... Guess what? I got my PR back...Yeepeey! I though it was over, my oppurtune days are over, but it's not! Hahahaha... Mr. Google is really so nice to me. He snag it, then gives it back. Anyways, got to go... have a date with Father! (^_^)

looking for a host

I've been blogging for more than a year now, I'm enjoying it a lot cause I'm learning so many different things from it. Plus the fact that I can earn, although not as much as other bloggers I know who really makes a good money from blogging. They can monetize their blogs or websites as much as they want because they have their own domain. Now I'm really thinking if I should get one.

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MM- SingLe Ladies

This will be my first time to join Music Monday. And for my first entry, I like to post my favorite song these past few days, weeks I guess, lol!
A song from Beyonce Knowles, I'm sooo goin GAGA over this, it made me speechless! Anywayz,



My friend "G" told me about an online game she tried recently. She said I should definitely try it too. Asking her why? She answered, "secret!!!" But make sure to turn-off the lights, plug the webcam and microphone, and the volume full blast. I know she's silly and weird, so I assumed it's something more than the usual kinda game. I was excited, played it right away as I got home and when finally the site starts to load... All I can say... "Whatta scare! LOL!

Hotel 626 is an online web game brought by Doritos, yes, the chips you love to eat! I dunno what's the connection of this game to their product, hehe.! Anyways, the graphics are made so well and thanks to FlashTM, everything seems so real! Really, there's plenty of good scare in this game. Imagine, you'll wake up in a hotel room in the middle of the night and then you'll hear a creepy sound and you'll see a baby sleeping... and... oh yeah, you can only play it between 6pm-6am, unless you cheat and adjust your computer's clock.

Well, I dunno if you want to try it. As for me, I didn't even finish the entire game. Haha!



Its scent just lingers on me now. I feel it crawling through my veins and my senses. No, I wouldn't have my peace until I have it. I wouldn't gain back my sanity unless it's here in front of me. I would not be able to update my blogs until I'd have a taste of it...hahaha! (rason ba?!)

OMG! I'm so craving and starving for food! Eat to death and be guilty of gluttony. Shawarma, Pizza, Satti and Polvoron! That's all I want now... (^_^)
hungry Pictures, Images and Photos


aWards! aWards!

Yeepeey! Got my second awards for this year. I feel like KW, lolz! Thanks
to my new found blogger friend Ms. Dolly.... muchisimas gracias kontigo
amiga! (^_^)

And the winners for these awards are...


things that...

...make life happy...

got this from here.. (^_^)

~standing at the edge of a forest with the leaves of the trees beckoning you in like welcoming hands
~to explore the wonders of nature
~a hug from a loved one
~the smell of clean sheets
~a warm smile from a stranger
~singing (go figure!)
~the taste of a fresh strawberry
~Clean Fun on AOL
~Knowing where your teenagers are when you lay down to sleep at night.
~the sound of a child's laughter
~the dew on the fields in early morning
~feeling the presence of my Angel's around me, to protect me
~The smile you get in return when smiling at someone
~A hug, being able to be there for a friend or stranger in their time of need
~a hug from someone you love
~a child's smile
~birds singing
~waves lapping on the shore
~a puppy wagging it's tail
~a card from an old friend who you haven't had contact with for years, just as if it was yesterday
~ducks landing on a pond
~the look of a child , when surprised
~your dentist tells you , no cavities
~the cuddle and giggle of a child
~the warmth you feel when you have been able to help someone with a problem
~summer sunsets
~knowing that I finally found my one true love (even if I can't be with him/her)
~a cool breeze on a balmy night
~feel healthy
~a happy story in the paper amidst all the bad ones
~a good book
~sleeping in
~high heels
~Knowing your friends really care about you
~and unexpected "thank you"
~my mother kissing me on my forehead
~hearing an "I love you" from someone who has never said it before
~watching babies sleep
~people that look out for one another
~Licking the bowl when making chocolate chip cookies
~Cuddling with my cat.
~Hearing my dad say "I'm proud of you" and knowing that he means it
~Having your mom as a BEST friend!
~nursing a sick animal back to health.
~Finally deciding that being "just me" is good enough for anyone. And I only have to please that lady who looks back at me in the mirror each day. The rest of friends, lovers, relatives are frosting on a very wonderful cake called life.

.... so, so true!


Lemonade aWard

Ate jerla, thanks for this lemonade.. Soooo cool and refreshing! I really do need it after the trek...hihi! Thank you!!!

I like to share this lemonade to-

~Veniz *Great things comes in small packages
~Jhelea *Complex Life
~Dolly *RoseBush
~Ms. Recipe *Ask Ms. Recipe

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