things that...

...make life happy...

got this from here.. (^_^)

~standing at the edge of a forest with the leaves of the trees beckoning you in like welcoming hands
~to explore the wonders of nature
~a hug from a loved one
~the smell of clean sheets
~a warm smile from a stranger
~singing (go figure!)
~the taste of a fresh strawberry
~Clean Fun on AOL
~Knowing where your teenagers are when you lay down to sleep at night.
~the sound of a child's laughter
~the dew on the fields in early morning
~feeling the presence of my Angel's around me, to protect me
~The smile you get in return when smiling at someone
~A hug, being able to be there for a friend or stranger in their time of need
~a hug from someone you love
~a child's smile
~birds singing
~waves lapping on the shore
~a puppy wagging it's tail
~a card from an old friend who you haven't had contact with for years, just as if it was yesterday
~ducks landing on a pond
~the look of a child , when surprised
~your dentist tells you , no cavities
~the cuddle and giggle of a child
~the warmth you feel when you have been able to help someone with a problem
~summer sunsets
~knowing that I finally found my one true love (even if I can't be with him/her)
~a cool breeze on a balmy night
~feel healthy
~a happy story in the paper amidst all the bad ones
~a good book
~sleeping in
~high heels
~Knowing your friends really care about you
~and unexpected "thank you"
~my mother kissing me on my forehead
~hearing an "I love you" from someone who has never said it before
~watching babies sleep
~people that look out for one another
~Licking the bowl when making chocolate chip cookies
~Cuddling with my cat.
~Hearing my dad say "I'm proud of you" and knowing that he means it
~Having your mom as a BEST friend!
~nursing a sick animal back to health.
~Finally deciding that being "just me" is good enough for anyone. And I only have to please that lady who looks back at me in the mirror each day. The rest of friends, lovers, relatives are frosting on a very wonderful cake called life.

.... so, so true!


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