Teacher and student

Thanks to Lemuel Craft

Two nights ago my husband and I were watching the news, and one of the lead stories was about a teenager who robbed a convenience store at gun-point. The young man was apprehended, but as my husband was watching, he jumped up in disbelief. He is a high schoolscience teacher, and the teenage gunman was in his 4th period class last year. I could tell it made him feel uneasy, as we live in the community in which my husband teaches and the robbery took place. He was sad too. He spoke of the young man as troubled but with a good heart. My husband takes pride in his work as a teacher and truly cares about his students. He was truly saddened to see this young man’s life take a drastic turn for the worse. I think it also made him think about the community we live in. That night he got went to to research home security systems. It is sad that he felt the need to do that, but that is the sad reality of the world we live in today. However, I am thankful for people like my husband: dedicated professionals who want to make a positive impact in the lives of others.


Hey everyone, am still kicking! Been decades I know, really really sorry for neglecting this blog for so long. Guess I should be more sorry for myself, not being able to update. How's the firefly nowadays anyway? I'm soo doing great! Been enjoying all the things going on with her life right now. The month long vacation she had last July really did wonders. Hope I can put it down to writing, one of these days I might, lol!

Just to let you know am still around the hood, roaming and roving Bloglandia. You might not be aware of my footprints but definitely still here. Miss ya'll though.

The above photo was taken during that month long vacation at Dmgte Pinas. A glimpse of a future wedding. (Let it be! lol)