bEst Bud's

Morgan and Douglas are brothers and they are my very best friend. They made me feel appreciated and needed, sometimes even your closest fellow wont give. From the moment I wake up, they are right infront of my bedroom door as if missing me soo much. And even if I dont bathe them regularly, hehe... they still dont hate me. They show me those round brown eyes and sincere smile whenever they see me make their meal. I hear them laugh out loud everytime it's playtime! And they will wait till I go to bed before they'll go to sleep.
They were the ones who know my deepest secrets and seen the craziest and silliest me.
They've wound me and my family, physically... but it taught us patience and unconditional love.
Yes, alot of things they've taught me, I've learned alot from them..something I will be forever be gratefull for. I will miss my buddies sooooo much, Morgan and Douglas.

2 yrs na wla si doug, but si morgan..just last sunday.


r00m 322

I dont know what's with the door or the door knob of our room in the hospital where lola stays now for her glaucoma operation. It moves every now and then, seems sombody is turning the knob and opens it. All of us turns our head around nalang, we thought it's the nurse, or the utility, or somebody...but No! there's nobody out there!!! Wooooh! Well maybe it's just in bad shape or maybe or maybe! Hahaha... makes us paranoid for no reason, funny! But really, sometimes it's irritating, when your nearly dreaming and this is it na, MeMe na!.... there it goes, the knob moves again!
Ohhhh well, as I've said... guba ra lagi to! LOL!

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I was looking for some stuff at the eklover and happened to bump in this dusty box of old pictures that my lola kept.
As I was going through it, my eyes could not believe what I just saw!!! A very old picture of mom and maya!!(my auntie) Wheeew! when was this taken??? 48 years ago? hahaha!
Lola is just sooo amazing, able to keep this picture for so long now, to think our family was a migrant from other place..(sa negros man gikan,LOL!) Mom and Maya were still single when this photo was taken. Oh and their fashion'nt it cute, and their hairstyle... men! hehehe... I wonder if they'll be my fashion icon?? hmmmm! LOL!



I remember my trip last year.. with the GANG..hehe! I was thinking if we'll go their again... oh MEN!!! well, infairness it was one of the coolest adventure I had, let me share it with you...

Early morning on April 16, we rode on a big bus,headed to the south,and after 76 kilometers..we arrived at Vitali. It was raining and we're on our heavy backpacks. We rode again,this time a pedicab(weirdo na tricycle)and after 48 years..we've reached our destination,we thought so. We saw this "kubo" on top of a hill,Gretz even joked it's probably Risa's house..but actually neighbor lang pala nila yon,theirs was 3 hills farther! "Let the journey begin"..on foot,we're on our way. We thought that it's just the same as the many other "alay lakads" we had before,same as the one's we've experienced during preachings at Murok and Lumayang..but NO,it was NOT! Sweating to death,haayy grabe! we're all trying to catch our breathe..we've realize,nakaka lasing pala mag hike! Finally reaching Risa's humble home,WOW..fulfilling! We've survive the agony.. :D It was a very very tiring trek,NO JOKE! But making it to the top,and seeing the view was all worth it! There was no electricity,no nearby store,with only one neighbor..that's miles away..hehe! Where on earth are we? SIBULAO! (san daw yun?) The three days we've spent there was truly an adventure!... Swimming sa SUBA,with a huge carabao na naki join!.. Maligo sa "well ni sadako",in the middle of the jungle!.. Makakita ng mga uwak at fireflies!.. Walang katapusang lakaran,at yeah... rode on a 6-wheeler-truck! :D It was one of the hardest,most tiring,and not to mention..we were on our most haggard looks ever!!! :D.. But Yes,we had fun! The experience that binds us,having to go through all the UPS and DOWNS..emotionally,physically,and etc. The people we were with,the strangers before and now are friends...truly are a great gain! PART 2 ulit! hehehe..


COOL cAt aWard

Thanks for the tagged ate lotie! Cool Cat.. independent yet stubborn, but sweet...nyahahaha!
See you in 11 days, weeehhh.. excited najud!


Since I was younger, I've always love taking pictures or photography should I say. It's ironic though for I can only count the ones that have my face on it...LOL! I would rather be the one taking pictures, it's just so amazing capturing a moment that can never be done again. It's the beauty of photography, truelily! I'm so thankful to my ate, and kuya... thanks for the digicam guys! hahaha...
Pictures can be your best friend, for they can remind you of memories,good or bad. Teach you lessons that are only learned through the passing of time. It can also tell you stories that are long bygone. It makes you remember who you were and who you are, and the ones that came accross your life's path. All are being kept in a simple photograph.
I remember my chitchat with ate AF, I ask her if example her house is onfire..(example lng) and she can save only a thing, what would that be? She told me that it would be their pictures, for it is a treasure that can never be replaced!
Well yeah, defenitely! It is indeed a treasure! something to be kept and cherish!

one of my faves... the first one was with vine, believe it or not..cute noh! and the second one was taken years years ago. I recaptured it coz the original one medyo blurred na, hehe...guess who are they???