I haven't updated this blog for four days, the last time I posted something here was last wednesday. The reason is that I have been with my maya(auntie) in the hospital, she was confined since last wednesday and came home just yesterday. She was hospitalized because of her "kabuhi"..hehe..what's that in english?? Anywayz, I was with veniz the whole time, she took good care of her mudra infairness,lol! Good thing all is well now, I can blog again..hehe!

I have alot of tags and memes to do, I hope opps too..hayyy! I don't know where to start really, and actually I don't think I have something sensible to post here. I feel like my brain is numb,lol!
Now what do I do? I plan to make my 3rd blog. Ironic right?! I am so braindead on what to write and how to update my blogs, and then now I'm planning to make another one. Kumusta nalang!!!

Oh and yeah, the puzzles sissy sent finally arrived last monday. 1000 pcs. of tiny puzzles. Another project puzzle napod sa mga halimaw,lol! Will do it soon, am so excited to have nosebleeds again, and pictorials!

See ya around fWends!



OH MY GOODNESS!!! I can't believe it! My Page Rank is back! When I made this first blog of mine, I have no idea how important it is to have a page rank, so I just took for granted my PR 3 by then. Then it drop down to PR 2 and then ZERO! Because of that, opps are not that great anymore. I'm missing it so much. Anyways, just this morning I check my blog and OMG! My PR 2 is back! I remember my sissy told me that once the PR is zero, it is so impossible to take it back from Mr. Google. Oh well, I got mine again..Yehey! I hope this will mean more opps again. I must admit, I'm starting to neglect this blog already because of the templates that is giving me so much headace,LOL! But with my PR back.. hmmmm, sige i-update kona ni, toinkz!


mY manga

I was reading marky's blog and saw his post about his manga or avatar. I was curious what mine would be so I clicked the links and landed on Marky, suhid ko! chalamat!!!
Hmmm..not that much! But I think the kilay and
the eyeglass and the mole will do,LOL!
I have my glasses, just not using it in this pic.
Watcha think???



My internet connection is messing up once again! The broadband sucks, dunno why? I have no choice but to use the dial-up coz if not, i'll be out of coverage area and lost in space. I haven't done any blog visits, hopping and walking. It's hard for me to do this now, it took me 48 years to load a page! GRRRRR! And it will take me 100 years to catch an opp...huhuhuhu! What the heck is happening to the service provider? Grrrr...I want to explode! OA..haha!

Anyways, as what you've already know, there is a current chaos here in mindanao. To make the long story short, 2 bombs explode last night here in zamboanga city. The first one is in downtown area and the other is on a hotel near the airport. We've been receiving all this text msg now, that those "people" will attact the city, they've already do so with the nearby provinces. Just see the news.

Oh well, life must go on...hehe! We have to be extra careful and vigilant. Mamang told us to be ready and prepared. So right now I have my balutan na, just incase..hehe! Hayyy kung unsa man, ang laptop akong kargahon arun ka blog ra gihapon ko....toinkz!


i'm sAd!

I woke up this morning super excited to have my breakfast. It's a special breakfast I made for my self last night pa. Avocado and milk eklover...hmmm yummy! It's my favorite in the whole wide world! I put it in the fridge and let it cool like ice cream. But you know what, I feel like an 8-year old fetus now. I want to cry!!! My yummy avocado is gone!!! Have you ever experienced something like it? Your ever favorite food, the one you've saved for yourself and kept in the fridge will be taken by someone!!! NAhhhhh I really wanna cry!!! I feel so shallow,LOL!

Expectation posponed makes the heart sick!
I should be eating it right now



MyEm0.Com This is what I want to do with all these codes in my edit html tab!!! Grrrrrrrrr!!! Why can't I change my template??? I've saved my links and my widgets, and all that I am supposed to do. Why is it that every time i click the save button it always says "ERROR! BLOGGER COULD NOT PROCESS YOUR REQUEST. PLEASE PROVIDE THE CODE WHEN REPORTING WHAT YOUR DOING." Duhhhhh!!! I feel so desperate right now. I am dying to change my layout. Gisum-uran najud ko aning akong daan ba! Isa ka tuig nani, giluod nako! LOL!
Can anybody out there help me? Please I'm begging you..hehe!

Please, how can I fix this? Please...nosebleed na'ko!!!



"The Mummy", I've been so excited to watch it on the big screen. We decided to watch it yesterday, me and my friends. But I am so disappointed!!! Grrrrrrr! Our plan was cancelled. Not because of personal choices but because of the disgusting threat we have now here in my beloved city!!! The bomb threats, saying that "these people" will attack here and there are like buzzing bees. We are used to these kinda news and threats, after all that's life here in Zamboanga. But it's different this time, it's something more serious..hehe! Our parents, I mean except mamang and papang who allowed me to go to the cinema, I was the only one among my friends who were permitted,LOL! Warnings are all over, and since we are obedient children, we cancelled our movie date. HUHUHU! I feel so sad! But we cannot afford not to watch "the mummy", so memet bought a dvd...LOLOLOL! Yeah, the pirates have it already,hehe! It was fine, except for we couldn't understand much of what the actors are saying, you know, sound effects..hmmmm, nosebleed diay to kay english,LOL! Atleast we still saw it yesterday...haaaayyyy! Kalaguta jud ba uy!

Anyways, to all who wants to exchange links with me...I'm so sorry if I haven't add you yet. I will be changing this blog's template. I know I said will do it this week, pero nosebleed ko!!! Haayyy error error! Gikapuy nalang ko..toinkz!!! I'm saving all my widgets and my links right now. Please bare with me. I will add you up as soon as I'm done with my new layout. Thank you so very mucho for understanding..hihi!



Sissy is really teaching me all these silly things. Now I'm so hook of downloading games and playing the 1-hour-free trial. After which I will have to delete and uninstall it again. Silly! Haha! I should not play games I know, I should have used my time updating my blogs and figuring out this nosebleeding template problem of mine. After playing Fashion solitaire, now I'm up to Manhattan Dream wedding, and now I just finish downloading the Mystery of the Unicorn Castle. It looks intriguing, thrilling, creepy and mysterious..haha obvious! Then I also want to download the Moonlight Sonata and more, more, more! LOLOL! This is crazy...haaaayyyy! Kani jud si ate oh...!
Hmmmmm, sige na..magdula sa ko..hihi!



This afternoon will be the first rehersal day of the drama I am so blessed to be part again. It's a bible-base-drama that will be held during the convention of JW's. It will be on december, but we are already preparing for it. It is a very nice story, I am not gonna tell it here..hehe! But anywayz, I am so excited because my friend "G" is one of the main character, and also vine too! I know we will have a wonderful time again during rehersals. I remember my first time to be part of such a drama, it was very embarassing,LOL! But it's a privelege I'm so thankful!

Will keep my digicam with me all the time so I can take some action shots,lol! What it's gonna be like later? Hmmmm...I'm so excited! MyEm0.CoM

Ug ang padala ni manang moalabot na...hohoho! The jigsaw puzzle, my artificial red fingerenails are coming up...

But this week, I am gonna change my template! I will, I have too! I've been wanting to change this template for sooooo long, but just couldn't get a jump start. Will do it this week. Oh well, a pain in the neck I'm sure! Grrrrrrrrr!.... I'll do it this week..DO or DIE! LOLOLOL!


fAshion soLitaire

I just finish playing the 1 hour free trial of fashion solitaire. Waaahhhhh sooo c00L! Felt like I'm a professional fashion designer. I had fun designing my own line of clothes and dressing up models. Thanks to my ateng, she told me about this game from yahoo! This is a very girly game, tanang mga kikay..better try it,LOL! But as what I've said, they only have 1 hour free trial. You have to buy the game if you really want it. Thanks again to ate sheila, she bought this for me! Hahaha! I'm just waiting for the files to be installed in my computer. I'm so looking forward to dress all the models and have my very own fashion show! (wiNk!!!)