I haven't updated this blog for four days, the last time I posted something here was last wednesday. The reason is that I have been with my maya(auntie) in the hospital, she was confined since last wednesday and came home just yesterday. She was hospitalized because of her "kabuhi"..hehe..what's that in english?? Anywayz, I was with veniz the whole time, she took good care of her mudra infairness,lol! Good thing all is well now, I can blog again..hehe!

I have alot of tags and memes to do, I hope opps too..hayyy! I don't know where to start really, and actually I don't think I have something sensible to post here. I feel like my brain is numb,lol!
Now what do I do? I plan to make my 3rd blog. Ironic right?! I am so braindead on what to write and how to update my blogs, and then now I'm planning to make another one. Kumusta nalang!!!

Oh and yeah, the puzzles sissy sent finally arrived last monday. 1000 pcs. of tiny puzzles. Another project puzzle napod sa mga halimaw,lol! Will do it soon, am so excited to have nosebleeds again, and pictorials!

See ya around fWends!


jaejae said...

colic. or gas pains. worst, gastritis. am not sure...'kabuhi'... i speak bisaya, too, because my family moved to CDO in early 90's but my parents kept their business in cotabato.

i hope ur aunt is better now. and you.. in your usual side of sanity!

buenas dias!