MyEm0.Com This is what I want to do with all these codes in my edit html tab!!! Grrrrrrrrr!!! Why can't I change my template??? I've saved my links and my widgets, and all that I am supposed to do. Why is it that every time i click the save button it always says "ERROR! BLOGGER COULD NOT PROCESS YOUR REQUEST. PLEASE PROVIDE THE CODE WHEN REPORTING WHAT YOUR DOING." Duhhhhh!!! I feel so desperate right now. I am dying to change my layout. Gisum-uran najud ko aning akong daan ba! Isa ka tuig nani, giluod nako! LOL!
Can anybody out there help me? Please I'm begging you..hehe!

Please, how can I fix this? Please...nosebleed na'ko!!!


jaisham said...

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Borgeee (O_o) said...

aw, kanang imong template basig dili ma load sa blogger na man gud times na dili nila dawaton ang mga templates.. ug about sa tnan nimo na gpang post diha ma-reset na xa once mag change ka ug template, back to zero jud ka.. bago lng pud ko change sa akoa template.

Anonymous said...

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