Sissy is really teaching me all these silly things. Now I'm so hook of downloading games and playing the 1-hour-free trial. After which I will have to delete and uninstall it again. Silly! Haha! I should not play games I know, I should have used my time updating my blogs and figuring out this nosebleeding template problem of mine. After playing Fashion solitaire, now I'm up to Manhattan Dream wedding, and now I just finish downloading the Mystery of the Unicorn Castle. It looks intriguing, thrilling, creepy and mysterious..haha obvious! Then I also want to download the Moonlight Sonata and more, more, more! LOLOL! This is crazy...haaaayyyy! Kani jud si ate oh...!
Hmmmmm, sige na..magdula sa ko..hihi!


hOniE-GeLenE said...

aww.. mahirap tlga ang blogger theme..:( ako den hirap na hirap sis..
anyways. masarap nmn magplay ng games eh..may cracker ako gusto mo:D

Anonymous said...

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