Looking for tire chains?

After so many weeks, am finally enjoying internet browsing again. I had a terrible problem with my previous internet connection but won't think about it anyway, I had enough! Right now am just doing my thing again, surfing, browsing, blogging. As for my title, I came across Tire Chain Dealer, your source of all kinds of tire chains and information about it. I find it interesting because am kinda wondering how to install tire chains. It looks complicated and difficult to put but as we know it's also very important. Especially for those going through snow, they know how essential it is for protection.

The video found in their website provides the much needed installation guide from the experts. It has detailed instruction and clear explanation. It also has tips on what tire chains a customer needs for his/her particular vehicle. Just click on the links if you're interested and learn more about it. Anyway, thanks to my new internet connection I can watch videos now. I used to wait like forever to load a single page, much more videos. Now you know why I wasn't around and leaving my marks. You have know idea how miserable my internet was.

Will see you now more often, good evening guys!



It's been 4 months since my last post here. The reason? Cause I was having the time of my life the last four months. Yes I did, it was a blast! Thought that I could be more active in blogging since I've got so many stories to tell and lots to say but, well, it turned out to be the other way around. Now it's over and done. And to keep the moments alive, it's time to blog. What's really up with me the last 4 months? Geezzzz, I dunno where to start! Am still, I guess..


Here I go again

Growing up I don't remember liking anything sporty. In school, PE class was one of my not so favorite subject. I was living a sedentary lifestyle, big time. Which leads to me to being an over weight teenager, thought I was happy about it until I came to my senses. Not that it's a bad thing, but it can be, eventually. So I started getting physical. Made drastic changes and stick with it, no matter how frustrating it can be sometimes. That's the time when I became a sports fan. I don't play anything sporty though just to make it clear. Just that athletes and players, they're a source of inspiration to me and of course to many. Seeing them living a healthy, active lifestyle, I also want to be that way though I know they're beyond fit and it's impossible for me to be like them, LOL!

Watching them play through TV gives me thrill. If I can only watch them live, it would be so much better! Yeah right...when could that possibly happen? When can I grab a Chicago Bulls tickets? A Boston Celtics tickets perhaps or New York Knicks tickets. That would be awesome, I might faint LOL! It's not happening, not in a million years but I'd keep on wishing, who knows? If am not getting a game passes, concerts tickets will do at least.

Just my imagination....


Come on, let's join!

In everything there's always a first time. And so it's time for me to join a blog contest, first ever in 3 years. Yeah boi... this is it!

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Oh heavens let me win please... seriously, I badly need much overhauling here.. LOL!



60miles/hour.. how's that? Not bad for a newby like me huh? I'm so overjoyed over the fact that finally I can drive. The steering wheel and manual gears are now my new found best friends. I could have taken pictures of my entire driving course but I would have made the instructor impatient even more, lol! In all fairness, they were the best. It was cool, fun, and easy for me because of their efficient teaching. If I know, they wanted to yell at me so badly and say the word focus, focus, focus! Thanks guys!

The road I will travel yet is long and hard. For it's called life. Life with many twist and turns, ups and downs, left and right sign, detours and roadblocks. But I'm going to enjoy it anyway. I'll switch the power on, clutches and accelerator ready... head's up straight... bring on the ride!


all keyed up

Yes I am! Finally I enrolled myself to a driving school(ABC Aerostar, the only driving school with branches!) last week. I availed their 10-day course and last Monday was my first fun and freaky day. I drove 3 kilometers for the first 30 minutes of the session, t'was the quickest 30 minutes of my life..LOL!

I wonder how it's gonna be like up later? Hmmm... can't wait for the day when I can call myself a certified... DRIVER... (whatta dream!!!)

That was fun, gotta run... see ya around folks.. need to warm up here.. LOL!


dito na me!

Yikes, it's been decades! Did you know I was dreading to face my blogs? Can't even look at them much more signing in to my accounts. My reasons are shallow, you need not know lol! Or you should, maybe. Let's just say I have to go out on my own so I can find my way back home.(echos!) Seriously, I mean it when I took a break. I need to forget everything about my blogs so I can remember it again. I paused so I can resume... and play once more.

So I guess it's time... the firefly is back!

trying on new things

It's so summer here in our place, the sun is so cruel most of the days. I often see families, group of friends and everyone else going to the park or the beach. They all have their own thing this summer, how about me? I wish I can travel just as my thoughts do, to be where I wanna be and be with whomever I like to be.. yeah right! On a serious note, will enroll myself into driving. This is it, I will have my driver's license soon. The thought of it gives me chill, lol! So how about you? It's nice to get yourself into something too. My cousin is frustrated to learn piano chords, you like it as well?

Or maybe you do know how to play piano chords but does it sound good? I mean, piano accompaniment is a different thing, a tough one. There's always room for improvement, when it comes to playing piano chords, there's now a step by step guide developed by a skilled pianist and it's available online. Plus, compared to other piano lessons you know, this online course is way cheaper and easier. Playing beautiful music is just a few clicks away I suppose. After all, there should not be an end to learning and it's always fun to try something new.



It's nice to break free from things that choke you up and consume your time. It's great to know you can actually live without them and be at peace. To realized they are just some piece of crap that makes you unproductive. Am talking about my online games, finally, had the nerve to control them! For months, been living in a fantasy world where I'm tending my dream farm and building my dream pad. Urgggg! I've had enough..yoko nah..break nata!!!

I will not hate FB for introducing me my X's. I guess the problem is with me. I didn't balance my time well and wasn't able to set my priorities. That is, I'm online because of my blogging duties. I have to blog and share stories. Gotta speak and gotta listen. To hear and to be heard.

Now am back! You'll see more of me, and I'm serious...hahaha! (I hope) Kinda like rekindling my love for writing and though I won't say goodbye to FB completely, at least... space man lang. :D



(post for the year)

How's the firefly nowadays? It's been almost a month since I posted something here, pretty much enjoying my blogging holidays huh? Thought of extending it but dang,.. I miss it na!

The year 2009 ended with lots of smiles and laughter, thank you Jah! We had a successful convention, full of encouragements and love. Caught up with old familiar faces which I haven't seen in a while. Received the most anticipated Evian gift from sissy, it surely rocks! And the best part was am able to spent time with the people who really mattered.

Now here comes another year... Gosh!.. another year to blog about. See you guys for that.

Hmmm... wondering what else to share? Guess would have to keep this short and sweet. By the way, I strongly believe that in order for me to be active in blogging again, I need to part ways with Facebook, LOLZ! What am I saying???