trying on new things

It's so summer here in our place, the sun is so cruel most of the days. I often see families, group of friends and everyone else going to the park or the beach. They all have their own thing this summer, how about me? I wish I can travel just as my thoughts do, to be where I wanna be and be with whomever I like to be.. yeah right! On a serious note, will enroll myself into driving. This is it, I will have my driver's license soon. The thought of it gives me chill, lol! So how about you? It's nice to get yourself into something too. My cousin is frustrated to learn piano chords, you like it as well?

Or maybe you do know how to play piano chords but does it sound good? I mean, piano accompaniment is a different thing, a tough one. There's always room for improvement, when it comes to playing piano chords, there's now a step by step guide developed by a skilled pianist and it's available online. Plus, compared to other piano lessons you know, this online course is way cheaper and easier. Playing beautiful music is just a few clicks away I suppose. After all, there should not be an end to learning and it's always fun to try something new.


உமா said...

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