SO many options

Contributed by Maria Ruiz

There are so many cable television packages, I had no idea which one to get my husband. I actually ended up calling his brother before he and his wife came in and asked him about all the channels to figure out which one Rich would like more and that was helpful – thanks Brian! I love this time of year because everyone piles into our house and there are gifts and merriment and a general sense of goodwill – even the kids really look forward to it because of all the family coming in. I think it’s so much fun to decorate gingerbread houses and really make things special and I know my husband feels the same way. He and I have started getting each other one big gift instead of several small ones and this year he’s getting an entertainment package – I really hope he likes it! Since he spends so much time watching TV in his “man cave” I’m sure he’s really going to enjoy it at the end of the day.


the Ad Power

The phone am using now for more than a year is totally in good condition. Am perfectly fine with it. I love the features like the camera, I can save files and surf the web, listen to music, I like the way it works, simple and just right. There's no intention of getting a new phone anytime soon. Well that was what I thought a week ago! My mind was blown away and my heart is so longing for that awesome new phone being advertise on TV. The model looks so chic yet sounded so practical and convincing talking about the features and benefits regarding the subject. A fabulous phone in such a low price, who doesn't want it? That's the power of advertising. An ordinary thing becomes extraordinary, appealing and worth having. The success of TV, print and other forms of advertisements much depends on the advertising agency that handles the campaign. Genius minds and brilliant ideas are essential for launching something that would make the viewers and customers believe and buy the product. Nowadays, the internet is the most powerful medium to reach a wide range of potential clients. People watch TV online, listen to music, buy goods, search for travel destinations, and so forth, all can be done online. No wonder a lot of business invest so much on online ads too. Not only it's faster, it's also easier and cost-efficient.

By the way, That Leading Advertising Agency is a leading internet marketing campaign provider. They have all that's needed for a successful advertising.

well, well, well

The good thing with having an online job is I don't need to file for a leave even if I am sick and I must admit, it has been an eye-opening Guide to Career Education. Because I get to visit alot of websites that offers just so. You know, home-based studies is a good way to develop skills at your own convenience. Anyway, back to being sick, I don't know why among all the other days it was today I've been flooded with articles to write and tasks to accomplish. Anyway, it's a productive week for me though am not feeling well, physically, mentally, and slightly emotionally. As a treat to thy self, hmmm.. am not gonna say it yet. Will post it next week when everything's final. Winks!


good road safety

There's an ongoing road widening project nearby where we reside right now. Every time I pass by the area, men at work are so busy drilling, digging, putting pipes and the likes. I must say it's a good thing though because after the project, we'll get to have a much better and safer roadway. But because of it too, the traffic is terrible especially during rush hours. Vehicles are having a hard time to pass, their equipments practically occupy the whole lane! Thankfully though, they've already put stanchions, no not the velvet rope kind, for public guidance and road safety. Such barricades really helps a lot in putting things in order. People needs an orderly line to be safe indeed. If it isn't for those crowd control products, it would be unfriendly for passersby. During at nights especially, by the way they've been working until evenings already, perhaps to finish the project soon. I just hope they'd finished it the soonest. Bad traffic and dusty road is not so nice to deal with don't they?

unfriendly cuppycakes

I'm so having a fever right now. :( Was perfectly fine the whole day of yesterday until evening comes. Am quite sure it's because of that 'oh so refreshing' cold water handed to me by my cousin. Alright let me get this straight. Yesterday, I was at my cousin's office. Asking her for a drink to quench my thirst, was given a glass of ice cold h20. Although very much aware of my tonsil's limitations, (she barely can't handle cold and sweet elements anymore) I finished it, up to the last drop. And so there you go, without exaggeration, believe it or not, my tonsils went protesting and gave me fever and chills. Yes, am sick since last night! I hate it! And for the picture above? Well, am craving for it soooo dang bad! How cool is that? Errr!


chit chat with a nurse

Was stuffed last night. Had dinner with old friends and family at my uncle's house. It was a nice time catching up with everyone. Anyway, talking to one of the visitors whose a nurse, she learned about my online job who happens to be updated with the latest buzz, trends, and info in the world wide web. I told her about and its collection of the finest scrubs sets and other medical uniforms. Funny thing because she was like bored with the common nursing uniforms which has a square shape and unflattering. The good thing is, she's working in a clinic and not in the hospital so she could decide what nursing scrub she'd wear. It's cool to check out Blue Sky scrubs in case she wants to have an idea about their latest fashion scrubs. I must say they have the trendiest scrubs and well-fitted designs too. Available in different colors and prints. They even have jackets collections and super cute scrub hats as well.

Anyway, it was nice talking and mingling with them last night. Until then guys.!



You miss someone? Call
Wanna meet? Invite.
Wanna be understood? Explain yourself.
Have questions? Ask.
Don't like it? Say it.
Like it? State it.
Are you in the mood? Do it.
Want something? Ask in the best possible way to get a yes.

I truly wish you can read and comprehend those words quoted above. Errr! Am not gonna buy you though. Stop fussing and stop whining! (Excuse my rants, I just need an exhaust!)


when the cleaning gets tough

Have you heard about The Steam Team? If you're from Texas area, you have most likely heard of them already, just check them out at For decades they've been lending their hand in providing the best cleaning, maintenance, and restoration to folks who need some serious clean up, for establishments, offices and even household. One of the toughest thing to maintain is upholstery cleaning. Different kinds means different techniques. The dirt sofas and chairs accumulate over the years is no easy job to remove, and only the experts like TST can do so. Other services they provide are terracotta tile cleaning austin, oriental rugs cleaning, pet odor removal, carpet cleaning, marble polishing and so much more.

When the cleaning gets tough and you can't do it alone, be thankful there's a company that is willing to do the job for you. Those who live around Austin area are blessed for they can call the team anytime they want their service. If I was not mistaken, an aunt who works as a nurse in TX shared their hospital's experience upon trying out one of the service the team offers. That the place smelled so good after the clean up and that their expectations were met.

in the box

Heard a lot of good news the past few days. First, it was confirmed, a friend of mine is getting married early next year and finally they've set the date. It's going to be out of town so aside from the wedding, the travel itself would be great! Second, just chatted with my sister the other day and after telling me she's filling up a box full of goodies to send to us, my smile went big time! Of course we need to tell her what we like and which stuff for whom. My sissy knows I adore cardigans and jackets so much so that would be my thing. Mom's asking for a shoes and lots and lots of toiletries. Some long sleeve tops for dad and big brother as well. I hope sissy will grab some from Aeropostale. They've got really cool deals at their website right now. Not just affordable mens clothing but quality and trendy too. It's been a while since we received a big box. The long courier services sometimes gives us stress and unpleasant experience. I hope this time the forwarder would be more friendly so we can have those good soon. As always, thank you sister for being the most generous and sweet sister in the planet earth. Nothing compares! Lol!

By the way, I need a month-long supply of chocolates as well so this serves as a reminder if you happen to read this.

Last Thursday Night

Finally was able to spent last Thursday night with my girls, Verry & Alam Nahh. (those are their pseudo names by the way) Twas kinda like a bribe/pay off we got from my cousin V after helping her with that novel-like term paper for her Master's. A fully loaded dinner was her treat. After which off we went to our favorite hang out place- my grandmother's house, the room down the staircase, lol! We had drinks. But definitely didn't get drunk! Though it was our intention to get a lil tipsy but didn't hit us hard though. Was actually fun! Till next Saturday night again I guess. ^^

Below photos: Safari & Underwater adventure. Dang good!



True Love is Not Hurt by Time

Football Obsession

Content by Sol Rosales

My husband is an avid football fan, and since we got direct TV, he has become even more obsessed. DIRECT TV offers a package that includes every NFL game every Sunday. When my husband motioned that he wanted to buy a sports package, I really did not care. I had no idea he would be purchasing every NFL game. I am so sick of watching football I do not know what I am going to do. I am a big college football fan, and I do not have a problem watching college football. My husband and I both went to the University of Georgia, and we love to watch Georgia football on Saturdays. However, I do not have any real allegiance to the NFL, and every Sunday my husband watches football for eight solid hours. It is amazing how many channels are available today. No matter what your interests may be, there is a channel or channels for you. I just wish that my husband’s and I’s interests lined up a little more often. I would imagine that I am not the only wife who feels this way.


Teacher and student

Thanks to Lemuel Craft

Two nights ago my husband and I were watching the news, and one of the lead stories was about a teenager who robbed a convenience store at gun-point. The young man was apprehended, but as my husband was watching, he jumped up in disbelief. He is a high schoolscience teacher, and the teenage gunman was in his 4th period class last year. I could tell it made him feel uneasy, as we live in the community in which my husband teaches and the robbery took place. He was sad too. He spoke of the young man as troubled but with a good heart. My husband takes pride in his work as a teacher and truly cares about his students. He was truly saddened to see this young man’s life take a drastic turn for the worse. I think it also made him think about the community we live in. That night he got went to to research home security systems. It is sad that he felt the need to do that, but that is the sad reality of the world we live in today. However, I am thankful for people like my husband: dedicated professionals who want to make a positive impact in the lives of others.


Hey everyone, am still kicking! Been decades I know, really really sorry for neglecting this blog for so long. Guess I should be more sorry for myself, not being able to update. How's the firefly nowadays anyway? I'm soo doing great! Been enjoying all the things going on with her life right now. The month long vacation she had last July really did wonders. Hope I can put it down to writing, one of these days I might, lol!

Just to let you know am still around the hood, roaming and roving Bloglandia. You might not be aware of my footprints but definitely still here. Miss ya'll though.

The above photo was taken during that month long vacation at Dmgte Pinas. A glimpse of a future wedding. (Let it be! lol)


Mom's Problems

The Author of this post is Velma Baird

My mom broke her hip a few months ago in a fall at her home and she’s been more or less laid up ever since. The doctor says she’ll probably never regain her full mobility since she’s getting pretty elderly anyway but I’m hopeful that with the rehab and daily walks she’ll get better. She had been complaining about how bored she was at home all day so I went to DIREC.TV and looked into satellite packages for her since she really loves old movies. I found one I can afford without her help and it’s been my gift to her during her recovery! I love my mom and I wish I could be there every day to keep her company but since I have a full-tie job it’s going to take a while for me to be able to start getting home early to help her do some of her daily tasks. Hopefully she’ll continue to get more mobile and won’t need as much help doing things as she does now – it will be best for her.


Planning out the details for our family spring break

Guest post written by Patricia Martin

When it comes to vacations, my husband comes up with the general ideas and then I have to come up with all the specific details and reservations. That's happened once again for our spring break trip in a couple of weeks. My husband decided that we were going to go to Charleston, SC for spring break this year. I've never been before, but I've heard that it's really pretty.

So of course I've been looking up details for our trip. I was online trying to find a green hotel for us to stay in and while I was doing that I found the website I looked through it a little bit and after that I decided to sign up for one of the energy savings plans that I found on there for our home.

I'm excited about this family spring break even more than if we were just going to a beach. There are beaches near there but we're going to concentrate more on the sightseeing in the city. We love historical sightseeing and there's a whole lot of that to do there.