good road safety

There's an ongoing road widening project nearby where we reside right now. Every time I pass by the area, men at work are so busy drilling, digging, putting pipes and the likes. I must say it's a good thing though because after the project, we'll get to have a much better and safer roadway. But because of it too, the traffic is terrible especially during rush hours. Vehicles are having a hard time to pass, their equipments practically occupy the whole lane! Thankfully though, they've already put stanchions, no not the velvet rope kind, for public guidance and road safety. Such barricades really helps a lot in putting things in order. People needs an orderly line to be safe indeed. If it isn't for those crowd control products, it would be unfriendly for passersby. During at nights especially, by the way they've been working until evenings already, perhaps to finish the project soon. I just hope they'd finished it the soonest. Bad traffic and dusty road is not so nice to deal with don't they?