chit chat with a nurse

Was stuffed last night. Had dinner with old friends and family at my uncle's house. It was a nice time catching up with everyone. Anyway, talking to one of the visitors whose a nurse, she learned about my online job who happens to be updated with the latest buzz, trends, and info in the world wide web. I told her about and its collection of the finest scrubs sets and other medical uniforms. Funny thing because she was like bored with the common nursing uniforms which has a square shape and unflattering. The good thing is, she's working in a clinic and not in the hospital so she could decide what nursing scrub she'd wear. It's cool to check out Blue Sky scrubs in case she wants to have an idea about their latest fashion scrubs. I must say they have the trendiest scrubs and well-fitted designs too. Available in different colors and prints. They even have jackets collections and super cute scrub hats as well.

Anyway, it was nice talking and mingling with them last night. Until then guys.!