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The phone am using now for more than a year is totally in good condition. Am perfectly fine with it. I love the features like the camera, I can save files and surf the web, listen to music, I like the way it works, simple and just right. There's no intention of getting a new phone anytime soon. Well that was what I thought a week ago! My mind was blown away and my heart is so longing for that awesome new phone being advertise on TV. The model looks so chic yet sounded so practical and convincing talking about the features and benefits regarding the subject. A fabulous phone in such a low price, who doesn't want it? That's the power of advertising. An ordinary thing becomes extraordinary, appealing and worth having. The success of TV, print and other forms of advertisements much depends on the advertising agency that handles the campaign. Genius minds and brilliant ideas are essential for launching something that would make the viewers and customers believe and buy the product. Nowadays, the internet is the most powerful medium to reach a wide range of potential clients. People watch TV online, listen to music, buy goods, search for travel destinations, and so forth, all can be done online. No wonder a lot of business invest so much on online ads too. Not only it's faster, it's also easier and cost-efficient.

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james said...

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