unfriendly cuppycakes

I'm so having a fever right now. :( Was perfectly fine the whole day of yesterday until evening comes. Am quite sure it's because of that 'oh so refreshing' cold water handed to me by my cousin. Alright let me get this straight. Yesterday, I was at my cousin's office. Asking her for a drink to quench my thirst, was given a glass of ice cold h20. Although very much aware of my tonsil's limitations, (she barely can't handle cold and sweet elements anymore) I finished it, up to the last drop. And so there you go, without exaggeration, believe it or not, my tonsils went protesting and gave me fever and chills. Yes, am sick since last night! I hate it! And for the picture above? Well, am craving for it soooo dang bad! How cool is that? Errr!