SO many options

Contributed by Maria Ruiz

There are so many cable television packages, I had no idea which one to get my husband. I actually ended up calling his brother before he and his wife came in and asked him about all the channels to figure out which one Rich would like more and that was helpful – thanks Brian! I love this time of year because everyone piles into our house and there are gifts and merriment and a general sense of goodwill – even the kids really look forward to it because of all the family coming in. I think it’s so much fun to decorate gingerbread houses and really make things special and I know my husband feels the same way. He and I have started getting each other one big gift instead of several small ones and this year he’s getting an entertainment package – I really hope he likes it! Since he spends so much time watching TV in his “man cave” I’m sure he’s really going to enjoy it at the end of the day.