in the box

Heard a lot of good news the past few days. First, it was confirmed, a friend of mine is getting married early next year and finally they've set the date. It's going to be out of town so aside from the wedding, the travel itself would be great! Second, just chatted with my sister the other day and after telling me she's filling up a box full of goodies to send to us, my smile went big time! Of course we need to tell her what we like and which stuff for whom. My sissy knows I adore cardigans and jackets so much so that would be my thing. Mom's asking for a shoes and lots and lots of toiletries. Some long sleeve tops for dad and big brother as well. I hope sissy will grab some from Aeropostale. They've got really cool deals at their website right now. Not just affordable mens clothing but quality and trendy too. It's been a while since we received a big box. The long courier services sometimes gives us stress and unpleasant experience. I hope this time the forwarder would be more friendly so we can have those good soon. As always, thank you sister for being the most generous and sweet sister in the planet earth. Nothing compares! Lol!

By the way, I need a month-long supply of chocolates as well so this serves as a reminder if you happen to read this.


Shela said...

ang tonsils mo smile:-))