Planning out the details for our family spring break

Guest post written by Patricia Martin

When it comes to vacations, my husband comes up with the general ideas and then I have to come up with all the specific details and reservations. That's happened once again for our spring break trip in a couple of weeks. My husband decided that we were going to go to Charleston, SC for spring break this year. I've never been before, but I've heard that it's really pretty.

So of course I've been looking up details for our trip. I was online trying to find a green hotel for us to stay in and while I was doing that I found the website I looked through it a little bit and after that I decided to sign up for one of the energy savings plans that I found on there for our home.

I'm excited about this family spring break even more than if we were just going to a beach. There are beaches near there but we're going to concentrate more on the sightseeing in the city. We love historical sightseeing and there's a whole lot of that to do there.


Lleonor said...

Good to here that your really planning well for the family spring break. I always plans whenever we have vacation.

hailey said...

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