60miles/hour.. how's that? Not bad for a newby like me huh? I'm so overjoyed over the fact that finally I can drive. The steering wheel and manual gears are now my new found best friends. I could have taken pictures of my entire driving course but I would have made the instructor impatient even more, lol! In all fairness, they were the best. It was cool, fun, and easy for me because of their efficient teaching. If I know, they wanted to yell at me so badly and say the word focus, focus, focus! Thanks guys!

The road I will travel yet is long and hard. For it's called life. Life with many twist and turns, ups and downs, left and right sign, detours and roadblocks. But I'm going to enjoy it anyway. I'll switch the power on, clutches and accelerator ready... head's up straight... bring on the ride!