This afternoon will be the first rehersal day of the drama I am so blessed to be part again. It's a bible-base-drama that will be held during the convention of JW's. It will be on december, but we are already preparing for it. It is a very nice story, I am not gonna tell it here..hehe! But anywayz, I am so excited because my friend "G" is one of the main character, and also vine too! I know we will have a wonderful time again during rehersals. I remember my first time to be part of such a drama, it was very embarassing,LOL! But it's a privelege I'm so thankful!

Will keep my digicam with me all the time so I can take some action shots,lol! What it's gonna be like later? Hmmmm...I'm so excited! MyEm0.CoM

Ug ang padala ni manang moalabot na...hohoho! The jigsaw puzzle, my artificial red fingerenails are coming up...

But this week, I am gonna change my template! I will, I have too! I've been wanting to change this template for sooooo long, but just couldn't get a jump start. Will do it this week. Oh well, a pain in the neck I'm sure! Grrrrrrrrr!.... I'll do it this week..DO or DIE! LOLOLOL!


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