My internet connection is messing up once again! The broadband sucks, dunno why? I have no choice but to use the dial-up coz if not, i'll be out of coverage area and lost in space. I haven't done any blog visits, hopping and walking. It's hard for me to do this now, it took me 48 years to load a page! GRRRRR! And it will take me 100 years to catch an opp...huhuhuhu! What the heck is happening to the service provider? Grrrr...I want to explode! OA..haha!

Anyways, as what you've already know, there is a current chaos here in mindanao. To make the long story short, 2 bombs explode last night here in zamboanga city. The first one is in downtown area and the other is on a hotel near the airport. We've been receiving all this text msg now, that those "people" will attact the city, they've already do so with the nearby provinces. Just see the news.

Oh well, life must go on...hehe! We have to be extra careful and vigilant. Mamang told us to be ready and prepared. So right now I have my balutan na, just incase..hehe! Hayyy kung unsa man, ang laptop akong kargahon arun ka blog ra gihapon ko....toinkz!