wouLd y0u eAt in hEre?

These pictures were e-mailed to me by a friend this morning. Hmmmm.. will I consider myself eating in here??? Will you??? If you are an adventurous person, then you would always like to try something more than the usual. You might give this a "GO!" I might give this a GO!

who wants to dine with me? LOLOLOL!


Shela said...

i can't!!! parang yucky oi

eunice said...

HAHA! Yeah I saw this restaurant on TV before. Here in Singapore, we also have a restaurant/cafe that is a "Clinic"! People sit on wheelchair, hospital beds, sucking liquid from drips heheheh

Er, I don't think I will go to that "Toilet" to eat. Yucks!

I have some photos taken from the "Clinic" in Singapore HERE

Bravespirit said...

yes! i will definitely try it! Nothing to lose!

Ailecgee said...

What? Eating on a toilet bowl? I dunno! I doubt if I'll have yet the appetite. Unique ambiance.

Btw, I have linked this blog of yours. Kindly link me too.